Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is one of todays most popular comedy stars.Hes been in movie after movie playing exactly the same god damn role.

 Here he's an egotistical and stuck up race car driver.....

.....and here he's an egotistical and moronic figure skater!

Here hes an egotistical and moronic....guy.Guess the writers got lazy.

Just The Facts

  1. Will Ferrell is the Jim Carey of the 00's.
  2. He proved this with his own equivalent of the truman show,stranger then fiction....
  3. which means in a few years he'll release his equivalent of the Majestic.This is one of the better reasons I have for suicide.


 This is the guy we choose to be the face of comedy in America?That'd be like making Aquaman the face of super heroes....hurm......Will Ferrell would make a damn good aqua man.I think i just came up with the best super hero/comedy movie ever.Will Ferrell didnt become hugely popular until "ANCHORMAN".I will admit that it was actualy a pretty watchable and entertaining movie.It also has the distinction of being the only Will Ferrell movie that someone can watch without felling as if they were just kicked in the balls and/or ovaries.....very,very hard.Anchor Man was before he ran his trademark formula into the ground.


 It realy doesnt differ much at all.The plot elements of each of his movies are completely interchangeable.Will Ferrell is a stuckup guy with a funny name(Ricky Bobby,Chazz Michael Michaels) and hes a succesful (anchor man/race car drive/figure skater) but because of an interfeiring force (a woman anchor,a french race car driver,Napolian Dynamite) he finds that his world has turned upside down.Since he's not a succesful whatever any more,hes learned that being an egotistical moron is wrong,despite this,he'll continue to act like one throughout the rest of the movie.The conflict will eventuly be resolved by something that has absoloutely nothing to do with what little plot their is.(A dog talking to a bear,Will singing classical music at a wine mixer) 

NOTE:If the movie Ferrell is staring in is a remake of an old tv series,it will try to loosely follow the plot of the original series by throwing in some "new age comedy".And by "new age comedy" I mean a shitload of dick and sex jokes.With the occasional fart and  joke,of course.


 Have we finaly relised what a total ass hat this guy is and how hes raping each and everyone of our wallets?Maybe. Ferrell's latest comedy,"Land of the Lost"(in which he plays an egotistical and moronic park ranger)

is one of his few movie that didnt take the top spot at the box office its opening weekend.It was beat out  by The Hangover,which is a much more original and intelligent comedy.Ok,maybe not exactly inteligent,but Blades of Glory makes The Hangover look like the fucking God Father.Oh it was also beat by Pixars Up.Yes,a movie about an old man,a fat asian kid,and a talking dog,in a floating house still had a more solid plot then anything Will Ferrell has ever been in.