Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was known as 'the wickedest man in the world.' Then there is the right dirty things he said about himself as well as what people other than his mother said about him.

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Just The Facts

  1. Aleister Crowley dabbled in sex, drugs, black majick, and the beginnings of rock and roll when any one of the four would send you to hell.
  2. Crowley referred to himself as 666.
  3. Crowley had a blood feud with poet William Butler Yeats of all people.

Aleister Crowley : A Majickal Mystical Tour

Born Edward Alexander Crowley, he would see later like Voldemort to discard his own name and form a more interesting one. Aleister Crowley was known as the 'wickedest man alive,' 'the great beast,' and '666.' These are just the name ascribed to him by himself, the newspapers, and his own mother. Crowley was born into a life of British aristocracy as well as Christianity. He was rather prompt in his rebellion against both. Crowley not only took an interest in the occult. He made it his life's work to seek it out. At first, he joined the Hermetical Society of the Golden Dawn as a young man and became an adept in their outer circle. However, he was denied further entrance into the groups inner circle due to moral grounds. This was more than like due to the homosexual side of Crowley's bisexual tendencies. So, Crowley not to be denied traveled to Paris and the ceremony was given by the Golden Dawn's founder. This enraged the members of the London society and they engaged in magical war with Crowley on the astral plane. As is the case in many astral wars fought out on private property, the matter was settled by a call to the local police. Crowley then set about traveling around the world learning his magical or what he referred to as his "Majick." Crowley also took up with what he called "Scarlet Women" who were there to learn his Majickal Arts and of course have sex with him. He funded himself liberal contributions from his friends. Eventually, Crowley ended up in Egypt where at the behest of a woman (who had a sudden unexpected fit or clairvoyance) took Crowley to a stele (which Crowley pronounced that the Age of Osiris was over and that the Age of Horus was to come with Crowley as its prophet.) Horus himself was nice enough to fill in Crowley's lover and later Crowley himself with the details. It was during this time in which Crowley wrote his book of law and established his personal credo. His credo came down to "Do What Thou Wilt." Crowley began a period of intense writing, studying, and impregnating women. He established a fore runner of a free love commune in what became know as the Abbey of Theleme which became a center of magik study, a haven for 'scarlet women, and where Crowley (a heroin addict) first 'researched' his eventual book Diary of a Drug Fiend. In this book, Crowley advocated the use of drugs in controlled magical rituals. The book created a storm of controversy and the publisher allowed it to fall out of print. Crowley continued to publish works which brought him to the attention of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The OTO, for short, was concerned that Crowley was leaking their secret rituals and magic. Crowley countered that he had not even reached the level of the Order which would have given him the secrets to leak out. Crowley had come to the ritualistic sex magic that was referenced on his own and it had just happened to mirror the groups ninth level rituals. In response, Crowley was promoted within the group and given the right to start a British chapter. Crowley then promptly took his own magic regarding sex and made it the eleventh level of learning. Crowley also started his own magical order of the Silver Star (as a successor to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) and gave himself the new title of Magus over the order. Once the attention wore off though, Crowley would travel often destitute in search of money and drugs. Although no one was with him at the time, Crowley's reported last words before dying of heart failure were 'I am perplexed.'