Village People

Nowadays, The Village People are only recalled to remember old times, or sucking a same sex friend's dong, or the old times when you used to suck an old friend's dong, but their catchy, disco tunes live on in the hearts and crappy proms of America.

From left to right: The Cowboy, The Construction Worker, The Cop, the Native American, the Biker, and the GI

I can't decide what WONT get you laid more, the fact that your dressing up as Star Wars characters or the fact that your dressing up as the Village People.

Just The Facts

  1. The Village People was (were?) a disco band that started in the 70's.
  2. The reason for this was because starting a disco band in any later decade would get you shot on sight.
  3. Little known fact about the Village People: they're totally gay.

Their Masterpiece (and by piece, I mean...well you get what I'm trying to say)

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