Harry Houdini Versus Arthur Conan Doyle

Harry Houdini (master magician) and Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of a master detective) had a falling out over being able to talk with the dead. Naturally, the magician was the skeptic and the detective creator was the true believer??

in this corner, the world's most famous magician.

and in this corner, the kooky creator of the world's most famous detective.

Just The Facts

  1. Harry Houdini was a renowned magician who could escape everything but death.
  2. Arthur Conan Doyle was the creator of Sherlock Holmes and a legendary believer in spiritulism.
  3. Not only did Houdini and Doyle meet, but they had a falling out over an attempt to contact Houdini's dead mother.

A Disagreement

: Arthur Conan Doyle is famous for inventing Sherlock Holmes. Harry Houdini is Harry Fucking Houdini They actually started out as good friends but had a pretty severe falling out over the 'spiritualism movement' Doyle was a heavy believer to the point where he actually took two English girls prank about picturing faeries SERIOUSLY. Houdini, disappointed that mediums were using tricks when he attended seances trying to talk to his dead mother, ripped the industry in his shows and to the United States Congress. They tried to stay respectful of each others opinions, but Lady Conan Doyle scrawled a message from Houdini's departed mother during a trance. She wrote it down verbatim (in English.) Houdini was satisfied that it was not his mother because she had never really mastered English and spoke and wrote in Yiddish. The dispute over spiritual contact between the two men remained unsettled.