Uwe Boll

Shitty video-game movie director Uwe Boll is widely considered to be the Charles Manson of the gaming community. His only goal is to take a perfectly good gaming franchise and fucking smash the hell out of it.

'Nuff said.

Just The Facts

  1. Uwe Boll is aguable the worst movie-maker of all time and ruins gaming.
  2. Uwe is an asti-social ass.
  3. His movie "Alone in the Dark" is tied for worst reviewed movie on metacritic.

When will our suffering end!

 Uwe Boll is widely known for directing movies based on videogames such as "Blood Rayne" and "Postal". Take it from me the idea of an angry, antisocial german directing videogame movies is about as appealing as it sounds. It seems that Uwe's lifelong goal is to tear any love you have for a series to shreds. Take Alone in the Dark. Exellent game series. Uwe Boll makes it into a movie recieving shit reviews. Next Alone in the Dark game was terrible. Coincidence?

Anti-social a-hole

 Mabey Uwe's movies would be a little better if he was well meaning at least. Right? Fuck no. Uwe Boll has proved to us time an time again that he is an antisocial asswhole. He simply refuses to be better. He tells critics who offer him constructive criticizm to "put up or shut up". Swell guy.  I think not. In fact, Uwe is hated so much, that Stride gum started a petition agains Uwe and offered a pack of chewing gum for each person that signed when the numer of signers reached a million.