Bet Your Afterlife

Dirty Harry said, "You've gotta ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?" While he was talking about a new way to play Russian roulette, it applies equally well to planning for your possible afterlife in the likely event you die. Someday.


Just The Facts

  1. When you die _________ will happen, you will go to _________ and __________
  2. There could also be a plate of sentient spaghetti or a place where your life is judged by how you handle fear,
  3. There could also be nothing at all, which would be bummer

The Game Everybody Plays

We're not gonna bullshit you, we do not know what happens when you die, but we do know it's a big question with lots of implications. In many ways it's like a betting game everybody HAS TO PLAY since we're all going to die someday.

You'll find that most religions want you to live a certain way in exchange for being rewarded with a happy afterlife. Of course, some people need incentive, so there is an unhappy afterlife awaiting those that don't live the way prescribed by their religion. This is all fine and good, but what if you chose the wrong religion? What happens if you die and are faced with, uh, the face of Xenu judging you for not being a Scientologist? "But, Mr. Xenu..." you'll probably say "how was I supposed to know this is the way things really worked?" Meanwhile you're off to have your skull hollowed out to serve as yet another ashtray for L. Ron Hubbard.

He told you all what happened and what's up. Err, rather he told people who spent a lot of money on Scientology.

Still, there's the off chance that this happens after death: