Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur is one of the highest selling rap artists with real talent.He was murdered one day of september and people think it was Biggie.People also think he's still alive but he's dead dammit!!

Tupac in his slave years

That big guy killed Tupac! no way he looks totally innocent

Just The Facts

  1. Sold millions of records before he was shot
  2. Famous dispute with ex-friend Notorious BIG
  3. Always wore a bulletproof vest except on the night he got murdered (dumbass)

2pac's Life

Tupac Shakur was born in the East Harlem section of Manhattan in New York City.His mom was associated with The Black Panther Party and often feared that her enemies would harm little pac.A few years later Tupac was a big boy and was potty-trained at an early age.Later he decided that rapping would be a cool way to get out of the ghetto so he found a group of guys named Digital Underground (gay).His first album wasn't that great because only the rich wannabe white kids would buy them,the black ones would steal it.Years passed and he kept releasing albums so of course he got famous etc. Of course his music was banned by The White Powers but Interscope said fuck it and kept releasing his albums.Then he was shot but not murdered at the lobby of Quad Recording Studios by two guys with guns(duh) and shortly after that he saw Biggie Smalls and assumed that he planned everything just because he was fat.A rap war started between the two and Pac dissed Biggie in many songs but Biggie never responded mainly cause he was busy eating.So Pac kept on rapping and stuff etc. and one night he decided to watch Mike Tyson and well he didn't take his bulletproof vest cuz he thought Mike was gonna protect him with his mighty punches or something.The fight was over and he left in his car to stop at a nearby red light.A suspicious car came up right on the side and started shooting at Pac sending him to the hospital.2pac was shot 4 times but he lived for about 6 days cuz he has black slave blood dammit!.He died of internal bleeding and well his friends did what is supposed to be done(Cremate his body and smoke his ashes with weed cuz that's how we roll in America bitch!!)