Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba is a kid's show. DJ Lance Rock, an “adult” with an orange jumpsuit and big glasses, leads children and stoned adults, on an adventure through animated shorts, musical numbers, and live action bits starring these... things?

Pictured: Costume designer giving zero fucks

Tony Hawk puts the rock, in rock bottom as one of YGG's guests

This is probably one of the few times Jack Black was encouraged to toke up before shooting

Just The Facts

  1. Yo Gabba Gabba was not developed by network executives. It is the creation of two Southern California fathers, one being Christian Jacobs, lead singer of the Aquabats.
  2. The show didn't get much attention until it was discovered, via internet circulation, by Jared Hess (Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite). Hess phoned an executive at Nickolodeon Preschool and told her to check it out.
  3. Some of the shows guests: Jack Black, The Shins, Andy Samberg, Biz Markie, Tony Hawk, Elijah Wood, Sean Kingston, The Ting Tings, Hot Hot Heat and Of Montreal.

The Characters Explained

Muno- The large red Cyclops

Foofa- The husky, pink, flower-like thing

Brobee- The long-armed, green monster

Toodee- The hyper, blue cat-dragon

Plex- The Robot

This chart will explain the finer character traits of each.

Reoccurring Segments

Mark's Magic Pictures, features Mark Mothersbaugh (from Devo) drawing simple pictures that are objectively speaking, pretty shitty.

Biz's Beat of the Day featuring Biz Markie beatboxing (for all you crackers out there, that means making drum noises with his mouth) beats

The Super Music Friends Show features all the musical guests performing cheesy songs that they will never live down, despite their credibility amongst the hipsters. (Yes, The Shins, I'm talking to you)

Super Martian Robot Girl a comic-book style segment that features an altruistic Martian-girl, because why the fuck not?

DJ Lance Dance a segment in which DJ Lance humiliates your child with a series of overly-complex dance steps.

My four-year-old hasn't been to Juilliard yet, you asshole

Funny Faces* where DJ Lance encourages viewers, and child participants on the show, to, you guessed it, make funny faces

*None of the faces are actually funny