Trance Music

Trance is a genre of dance music invented in Germany in the 1990s. Its invention has spurred a cottage industry of glowing things and new and inventive methods of delivering Vicks Vapor Rub.

A fan of trance music and the Vicks Vapor Rub cottage industry

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Just The Facts

  1. Trance music hasthe same BPM as someone on Ecstacy.
  2. Most trance music also employs sound clips from other forms of media. The original source material is usually edited to make a drug reference.
  3. In many parts of Europe, it is considered bad manners to rave with the left hand and touch one's body with the right- as is the custom in America.

History of Trance

Trance in its early years, was sometimes called "space music." This was appropriate for several reasons. Trance is often played in dark, uncharted places, and both trance listeners and astronauts inhale compressed gases, and usually have no choice but to pee on themselves. Since then, the genre has matured. Trance has gained serious notoriety and is well respected as a rich compendium of subtle and varied artistic work. No seriously dude, it has. Shut the hell up, okay?!

In the 90s, trance became popular and the "rave" party was born. These rave parties usually involved the ingestion of MDMA, commonly known as "Ecstacy." The common name is actually not related to the feeling one experiences on the drug, but rather the name of the first person to have financially benefited form a one night stand initiated while on the drug.

Ingredients of Trance Music

Trance is made up of several components:

  1. Thumping, mind-blowing beats
  2. Bass
  3. Any audio clip, spliced to make it sound like it is making a drug reference
  4. Thumping, mind-blowing beats