is the leading online competitor of, with the exact same format and list writing style. It often features articles about how is a rip-off.

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Just The Facts

  1. is America's other humor site since 1958.
  2. Broked is also a video site.
  3. No one knows for sure whether or came first, so a lawsuit has never been filed.

Example of a Article

5 Baffling Reasons Why Is Overrated

5. Dumb Facts We "Didn't Know" Turned Into Humor

An average reader: "I learn more on here than I did at school!"

It seems on every single article is chock full of "information" that may or may not be true, and we're supposed to believe it all because they have "sources." Since when has a humor site ever had real, reliable information at all? Since when would somebody actually believe anything they read in MAD magazine was true? Nobody can trust as a reference site to find actual information. And half the time the articles are so full of "facts" that we have to dig around to even find the humor!

4. The Teenage and Young Adult Demographic

"I'm happy because I read!"

It seems like every article on today seemingly tries to aim all their writing techniques and information to the "teenage crowd." It's all about what's "hip" with the teenage crowd today, what's "baffling" with the teenage crowd today, and what makes the teenage crowd happy. Say, what if some grown-up decided to pay a visit? Every article would be complete trash unless your a young adult or teenager.

3. Excessive Use of Stock-Photo Pictures

Every single article and column of is littered with funny-caption pictures that say "Getty" in the corner. In other words, totally retarded and normal and disgusting pictures than can be found when you type in the word "generic" into Google Images. C'mon guys, give it a break!

Too many...watermarks...on

2. Overuse of the Word "Baffling"

Seriously, cracked. Almost every article name has either the word "baffling" or "mind-blowing" in it.

1. Michael Swaim's Column (Arguably the Only Bright Spot on the Site) Is Brought Down by the Occasional Odd Typo

It happens all the time: you're reading this great new column by Swaim and you think you might've just actually seen something that really was funny on and you're about to laugh when suddenly you spot a typo, completely crushing all previous thoughts about how this was good writing. No doubt about it, typos just can't go unnoticed when you're talking about