Anatidaephobia is the irrational fear of ducks.

Just The Facts

  1. Do you ever feel that somehow, a duck is watching you?
  2. Does this fear linger, even if you are somewhere ducks are not known to live?
  3. Anatidaephobia was first described by a Dr. Larson in the mid-80s.
  4. It has yet to gain official recognition in the psychological community, thus proving that not all psychologists are quacks.

What Makes it A Phobia?

At cracked, we recognize that there are perfectly rational reasons to fear ducks; in fact, it would be stupid not be wary of ducks. They can fly, they can swim, and they are intuitive inventors, often times preceding human innovation.

But antidaephobia is more than a healthy awareness of the evils committed by Chinese turkeys. The antidaephobe lets his fears dictate day-to-day life. To the antidaephobe, there is no escaping the smiles of a beheaded dinner fowl.

Unfortunately, there are few support groups for sufferers of antidaephobia. The psychological community still refuses to acknowledge this condition, much to the outrage of the people who have to live in constant fear that an Afflack commercial will appear during the commercial break of their daily soaps.