Tricks that food corporations use to fool us.

I'm the Pretty Pie Girl!

Just The Facts

  1. How small can they print letters?
  2. How many different words are there for Sugar?
  3. Healthy Thin Lights? Really?

How small can they print letters?

Did you ever try to read the ingredients on a package of food. Did you ever notice how small the print is? Why do you suppose they print the letters so small? Do you suppose they might want to discourage people from reading the ingredients? Do you suppose there might be things in there that people wouldn't want to eat, if they knew what they were eating? Did you ever notice that the worse the ingredients are, the smaller they print them? If you don't believe me go to a dollar store read the label off a box of cheap cookies. I'm talking the really cheap cookies. The cookies you get a whole big pack of for a dollar, the ones imported from China.

How many different words are there for SUGAR?

Large Food Corporations know that people are addicted to sugar. That's why they put so much of it in our foods. But they also know that people want to pretend like they're not eating too much sugar, so they want to advertise their products as 'low in sugar'.

So how do you put a lot of sugar in something, but still be able to call it 'low in sugar'? By using Sugars that go by different names. If you can list a food by a separate name, then it's considered a separate ingredient. Therefore a product could be 100% sugar and still claim to be 'low in sugar'. If you read the ingredients carefully you will discover the sugar cleverly hiding as fructose, sucrose, glucose, rice syrup, corn sweetener, fruit concentrate, honey, cane extract. People basically want the sugar, but they want to be in denial about eating it.

"Love equals Pie"

When the commercial came on the volume was noticeably louder. The pulsing beat of a Waltz or Polka, spoons dancing around a plate with forks and rolls and butter pats all with cute faces all dancing to the rhythm. "Take it from me!" she was chirping, a dancing pie with a face like a little angel and little arms and legs, "I'm the Pretty Pie Girl." Her voice so high it's almost squeaking. As she dances complex choreographies. "Take it from me kids!" They're doing some kind of square dance or something. The rhythm was hypnotic. The flashing lights were hypnotic. "I'm the Pretty Pie Girl. I'm the Pretty Pie Girl." It took professional choreographers to plan all this. Then they had to go out and have animators digitize it, or whatever they do. The point is, it took millions, just to make 30 seconds. The point is those Stroodl-Bitzz are lookin pretty good about now. "Remember kids, Love equals Pie," she's waltzing with a spoon, "Love equals Pie", she's holding hands with a butter pat [ an evil alliance indeed] "Love equals Pie", that music, it's some song I heard when I was young, " Love equals Pie", they changed the words , " Love equals pie, Love equals pie, Love equals Pie."