Tokio Hotel

tokio Hotel got raped by a german claim-to-be boyband by using it as their name instead of referring to a hotel in tokio.So,this Topic is rather about the sex-dolls in the closet of a japanese hotel but the freakish noises of some retarded teenagers.

They just scream

Isn't she cute?

Just The Facts

  1. Tokio Hotel is a german band. Eventually the history told them torture is a good thing.
  2. They actually care about their fans (by sleeping with - or in front of - them)
  3. The only thing they want is to be loved!

There is a girl! I saw it!

Well, either one is missinformed: The members still claim to be a boyband while the rest of the world is not entirely convinced. So how do we actually determine wether there is a girl screaming or a boy whining? In this case it should be pretty easy: Just take a look at a photo of this "mystical" boy.

They said boyband - right?

However, this "boy" is the freaking lead of the freaking freakshow called Tokio Hotel. Now comes the hard part to understand for the most folcs: He is absolutely admired for his work and their [the band] awesome performances. Yes, people admire him! They actually do! Look over at a retarded german music-show (called "The Dome" - seriously, smoking crack while making up titles should be banned) and see them perform "Live".

But how does the fact that there is a girl impact any of the admiration Bill gets? Mainly, because only dumbfuck girls enjoy listen to them and admire them. Are we standing in front of a social breakdown commenced by a huge crack of lesbians who vow not to be lesbian in the first place? I say yes and can (but won't) prove it. Just think straight for a moment and think about a world containing lesbians who admire a lesbian who claims to be hetero dude. Isn't it just awesome?

Isn't she cute?

Hotel full of Crap

Their is a lot more crap going on with tokio hotel. Did you ever listen to any of their songs? I do not blame you if you actually haven't, but I will also admit: I have. The songs are very easy stuff, a catchy rythm compaired with mind-blowing life-exercises. Wait. Life-Exercises? How the hell should they know something about the average life of a fucking average man? They are talking about lost loves, desperate need for someones' love and the serious problems young teenagers have to deal with (parents are treating unfair, they do not want to got to bed just right now or simply have nothing to do allday thus creating a lifestyle which involves crying the whole day) but actually started their celeb-life with 18? One of the widely believed things about this band is that they are rare authentic to every listener and thus getting the attention they deserved. My answer to this statement: Are you fucking retarded? A 18-year old boy (or girl) sings (or screams) about true love and devostating, life destroying moments which he actually never (could have) had? What on that part is authentic?
I have to admit: Even the critics go retarded on Tokio Hotel, attest their "authentic" and "raw" music which is totally in the place of modern rock (which actually stands for modern pop rather than rock).

Authentic and raw

But guess what? Modern Pop ist damn stupid as well.