Joss Whedon

Let's be honest; we here at Cracked like to joke around. That's actually kind of the point of our existence. But as far as Joss Whedon is concerned, there's no joke. He is a genius, no bones about it (except for the one in our collective pants).

Pictured: The Almighty Creator (of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly)

Just The Facts

  1. Joss Whedon is the greatest writer/director in the history of man.
  2. He was a pioneer in tales of interspecific sex between humans and vampires (i.e. Stephenie Meyer can suck a sparkly one).
  3. He will make you fall in love with his unique, believable, well-crafted characters, and then murder the shit out of them just to punish you for existing.

Early Career

After graduating from Wesleyan University in 1987, Joss obtained his first writing job on Roseanne because, much like today, there just weren't any good jobs out there for recent college graduates. It was either writing for Roseanne or giving handies to bums on the subway for their change, so he flipped a coin and his fate was decided: he would write for Roseanne.

After a short while on Roseanne, Joss had his script for Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned into a feature film. Years later, in 1997, he would develop it for television. This is the year before which we shall refer to everything as Before Joss (BJ - not as good as it sounds), and after which everything will be known as After Joss (AJ).

Fun fact: As he is a self-proclaimed feminist, a running theme in his shows, beginning with Buffy, is the empowerment of women. Quite frankly, we think that is absurd, as 80% of the reason we watched Buffy was our desperate hope to see titties. As a matter of fact, 80% of the reason we do anything is our desperate hope to see titties.

Year 1 AJ - Present

In the year 2 AJ, Whedon's successful Buffy the Vampire Slayer was granted a spin-off, Angel, which was co-created with David Greenwalt. Greenwalt was the primary showrunner for the first two years, and when Whedon joins the party in season 3, it is largely noticeable by the manner in which everything you've ever known and loved is morphed into some unrecognizable monstrosity (or is just straight up murdered). But you know, in a good way.

In 4 AJ, Fox aired Whedon's Firefly, which it cancelled half way through the first season. The cancellation of the show, wildly popular amongst a growing cult fanbase, prompted enough backlash to spawn a major motion picture, Serenity, to wrap up the series.

Whedon's most recent television series, Dollhouse, first aired on Fox in 12 AJ. It was promptly cancelled after two seasons, because Fox hates us all, Joss Whedon in particular.

He is currently directing the major motion picture The Avengers, set to be released in 2012.

If we're lucky, Joss Whedon will get another television series in the foreseeable future. Why, you ask? Well, because if the timing is right, the network won't be able to cancel it, seeing as how we're all going to die in the apocalypse in 2012 any way.