The Death Of Facebook

Facebook has become a regular part of our lives. Yet we may be witnessing them being torn apart by the mobs of people who want in on the action.

Just The Facts

  1. Facebook went unchallenged for years
  2. Unless of course you count myspace (but honestly who counts myspace)
  3. F*** myspace

The begining of the end

We are currently living in the end of an era. For a few years, there was but one real social networking site: Facebook. Everyone is on facebook, they have a user base of over 600 million people! However, this was to good to last. People want a piece of the ten thousand pound behemoth that is the social networking market. Google plus recently came out and its been getting some good reviews, Lady gaga just released a social networking site targeted at celebrities, myspace is getting a makeover and will soon be re-released, and dozens of other start ups are carving away from facebooks user base. The reason facebook is so great is because everyone is there. Your grandparents are there, your neighbor is there, your coworker is there, and anyone else you might meet at some point in your life is going to be on there, just waiting for you to click through there pictures and read how there day is. However, now people are going to be spread across a plethora of sites, and the allure of having so many people together in one place is going to quickly dissolve.