5 Reasons Kids Play Violent Video Games

We all know kids like to play violent video games. Why? well only a handful of people know, and I'm one of them. In the next 5 "segments" I'm going to explain to you why kids play violent video games.&

Just The Facts

  1. Kids (between the ages of 9-35) LOVE playing video games.
  2. Violent video games are know to create higher stress levels in younger kids.
  3. Kids who play violent video games usually turn into psycho-path killers.

#5 The Kids Parents.

The parents play a HUGE roll in this. for instance, In Canada, anyone who is over the age of 17 can buy an M rated game. Makes sence, BUT over half of that time it's being bought for someone under the age of 17.

Basically as soon as a violent video game comes out ALL the kids want it, little kids, big kids, and 37 year old pedofiles (Just so they can talk to the littler kids). The parents, wanting to shut the little buggers up go to the nearest gamestop and buy it for them.


The kids are basically told that if they beg enough they get something THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR THEM! the games are rated "M" for a reason! because they are simply not meant to be played by kids who don't understand what is happening!

Basically you could argue it's ONLY the parents faults but you thes guys also contribute...

#4 The gaming companies.

There are a ton of video game creation companies (Bioware, Infinity Ward, Dice, to name a few) and many of us don't ever think that it's these guys fault for the games.

They just get ideas and make games from 'em right? they can't do anything outside of their caves they call offices. Wrong.

"Let's add some dragons, and a pony, and a crapload of dead guys!"

Truth is that the game companies are actually TARGETING the younger generations. They air their comericals on kids channels, make their game covers colourful and, basically call out to the kids "Buy Me! Buy Me! Oh wait you can't... get your parents to buy me!"

"Buy me! Buy me!"
Of course, this next one is kind of a given...

#3 Siblings (mainly guys but sometimes girls).

so ya, this is kind of a given. When someone has an older brother (and sometimes sister) who plays violent video games, the kid usually get's hooked on them at a realtively young age.

Kinda like this kid... only with video games.

So basically imagine this:

you walk into your older brother/sisters room. They yell at you to get out and completely ignoring this you ask what they are doing. They tell you that they are playing a game so imidiatly you want to join in on the fun. They say fine and you start playing... let's say Halo 3. after a while you get bored because your older brother/sister is beating the crap outta you. Then it becomes a regular thing because you slowly get better and now your brother/sister doesn't have to invite his grilfriend over to play against him.

All of this happens or after you ask what they are doing they beat you with their history book.

and then you have to hire a phyciatrist.

Basically the kid gets introduced to it by an older sibling, so it MUST be O.K. because their parents always tell them to look up to their siblings.

#2 Peer Pressure.

We always think of peer pressure having to do with drugs or something. But the truth is peer pressure can be associated with almost everything. I bet batman was pressured into wearing those tights by his buttler, what's-his-face.

basically, a faggot meant to be.

so how does peer pressure apply to this? well let's say this kid goes to school and one of his friends who is like in 7th grade (and say he is in 5th grade) comes up and asks him if he has ever played Call of Duty. The kids says that he hasn't. so this genious of a kid gives the grade 5 kid a copy of CoD: Modern Warfare.

Now we have a grade 5 kid shooting up Russians and defending the U.S.A. nothing could possobly go wrong. untill you hear about the grade 5 kid who shot up his whole damn school!

alright and for the last one we have this...

#1 Curiosity of the kid.

and the last one sounds gay I know, BUT it really plays a big part in this issue. as soon as a kid hears a word or name of something they don't know they imidiatly ask an adult what it means. OR in some cases the kid know what the something is and goes looking for it. such as say Dead Rising.

"Play me! Play me!"

This is familiar to the kid who has an older brother. so what does he do? He asks his older brother if he has a game called Dead Rising 2, and suprise suprise, he does. his older brother saiys that maybe he shouldn't play it but he can watch him play and feel like a loser.

The the kid, then intregued with the game "borrows" it and takes it to his 5th grade friends house who has an Xbox 360. they start playing and the birth of another psycho murder has happened!

Just like our friend Christian Bale here.

So what have you gotten out of this Topic? that you are one day going to be a murderer who hides in caves and shoots childeren. No. what you SHOULD have gotton from this is that you should at the very least teach kids the right and wrong with certain video games.

Thanks for putting up with this Topic and I hope ou learned SOMETHING from it. ALSO this is my FIRST ever public writing piece so don't say I suck... Or do and say it in a nice way :)

By Brett Andrew Mikaluk. B.A.M.