The Spice Girls

If you haven't heard of the Spice Girls then you have probably been in a coma for a while. If you haven't heard the Spice Girls then you have been blessed with the power of avoiding bleeding out the ears (or not being a 10 year old girl).

Whats the best thing about getting a blow job from a spice girl? 10 minutes of silence. and a blow job.

Just The Facts

  1. The Spice Girls are British 5 women in their 30s who were the Jonas Brothers of the 90s
  2. They consist of Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh spice
  3. Their comeback tour 'Return Of The Spice Girls' grossed $70mil

Cracked on the Spice Girls

 These 5 women reached the height of fame with their 1997 album Spice, which was the biggest selling album in girl band history. They were created as the antidote to the overdose of boybands, although their fans were still 10 year old girls and older gay gents.

 not seen: the trousers that were supposed to go with this

God save the Queen

 Nelson Mandela announced with their second album Spiceworld on tour  "These are my heroes", proving that the late 90s were really as crappy as we remember. Their second album became the fastest selling record ever.

 In 1998 Geri Halliwell left the band and it turned out that the others couldn't actually sing, while Geri had a sucessful solo career for a short while before she disappeared into anorexia, children and dressing like a hippie.

The others tried solo careers but most of them had one hit wonders. Victoria found out she had one skill; marrying a footballer and making as much money as possible out of it, becoming a celebrity and a pair of boobs on a stick overnight.

 munter spice to rather nice

munter spice to rather nice

They have completed their reunion tour and had many children, husbands, eating disorders and dogs. Good times.