The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a cartoon cat from the 60s and a darling nickname for your girlfriend's lady parts. It originally appeared in the opening/closing credits of the 1963 live-action film cunningly named "The Pink Panther."

THIS is the movie.

This is the real life Pink Panther.

Just The Facts

  1. The Pink Panther is pink.
  2. It's been made into many movies.
  3. It's also a gaudy limo (like there is another kind).
  4. LPGA golfer Paula Creamer has adopted the nickname "The Pink Panther." She could have got much more recognition with her given name, "The Creamer."


Since its debut in 1963, the Pink Panther has gone on the star in numerous (100+) shorts and films, both animated and live action, as well as keeping heat from escaping through the attic and making anyone that comes into contact with it itch like a leper.

James Rolfe has yet to review its Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis videogame "The Pink Panther Goes to Hollywood." You know what to do internet.

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