Baddass Women

There are some baddass broads in the world, past and present. most of them would break me in half for using the word broad, but thats how i roll. My mom is a badass, she is my inspiration. she gave birth to 4 kids, and never let us forget it.

Just The Facts

  1. Women fought in the revolutionary war. They couldnt even vote yet.
  2. Women fought in the civil war sometimes disguised as men.
  3. There are women that can dead lift a Harley, Sometimes i have trouble opening Mayo...

Becca Swanson, Strongest Women in the world

from her website

My best lifts are:

Squat - 854 lbs (387.5 kg) a (1999 harley weighs 672.4 pounds)

Bench Press - 600 lbs (272.5 kg)

Deadlift - 683 lbs (310 kg)

Total (in one meet) - 2050 lbs (930 kg)