Alan Moore

The bearded nexus of the comic-verse who holds together time, everything and existence.

A scientific rendering of the birth and evolution of the universe.

Just The Facts

  1. Sold LSD in school. Likely the catalyst of his first premonitions.
  2. Writer of "Watchmen"; widely acknowledged as one of the best graphic novels of all time.
  3. He is a bit insane.
  4. Thirty brave scientists have been left for dead after going missing in an attempt to explore the deeper layers of Moore's beard. I imagine they committed mass suicide after finding Moore no longer had a neck.

Al Popularizes Character Reboots

Whaddafucka reboot?

Taking the corpse of an old character and fucking with it until it's better than before. Like Frankenstein or Michael Jackson (in reverse).

Otay. Otay. Whatabout Al?

Moore has made most of his career off of reboots. It's how he started it. Hell, some of his original characters are still even reboots. League of Extraoridinary Gentleman is practically copy and pasting old literary characters into a comic book (and giving them better hats).

His roboot techniques are pretty simple. Make everything more gorey. Give every character anxiety issues. Make the superhero completely fucked up (sexually, physically, psychologically, etc.). This adult treatment of superhero stories is Moore's trademark. No one does it better than him. He's the KING FUCKIN' PIN. You understand?


Alan Moore hates Hollywood. He thinks it takes good art and mashes it up into gummy art paste. That way the public's brains are used to and crave gummy art, instead of chewy t-bone art steaks. He also sees it as part of the cycle of fame. A cycle he doesn't approve of.