The King of Kong

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, is a 2007 documentary about an epic face off in the do or die world of competitive arcade gaming. It took a lot for the editor to type that last sentence with a straight face.

Cool A Concert is Coming to Town.. Wait a Minute...

If this was a real movie, Matthew Perry would play Steve and Even Fewer People Would Watch.

Worst Video Game Ever

Just The Facts

  1. The most critically acclaimed video game movie of all time.
  2. Exposed the world to the passionate exploits of sweaty basement dwelling nerds of all ages.
  3. Established Billy Mitchell as the biggest douchebag of all time.

Cracked on The King of Kong

The King of Kong charts the paths of two men. The first is one Billy Mitchell, hot sauce mogul, video game record holder, and ten time winner of "Champion Dumbfuck in Male Hair Styling". The other is Steve Wiebe who remarkably has a normal life outside of his obsession with Donkey Kong. Wiebe even has a wife who seems like the most supportive woman ever... she actually supported his dream despite how stupid and meaningless it was. While many wives support their husband's dreams (see Corletta Scott King for example), most of these wives do not have to put up with their husband preferring to play with a 20 year old joystick in the garage instead of engaging in sexual relations. Steve Wiebe is the sentimental favorite as pretty much his whole family describes him as a failure due to circumstances (like being a great high school baseball pitcher who couldn't pitch the State final due to injury). It's hard to think of any other examples of great men who work so hard and come up short due to a sleazy slimebag who beat them to the title.

Bob Dole

Bob Dole: War Hero, Senator, Presidential Candidate, Champion Mrs. Pacman Player.

The Competitors


How Do You Like Your Tools, With Microphone or With Flag Tie?

Watching this documentary you really are torn as to whom to root for. On the one side you have a middle school science teacher and on the other you have a hot sauce salesman who is basically a selfish prat. Hmph... it might come down to how horrible your own science teachers were in middle school.

No seriously, it's Wieble you root for because he's not Billy Mitchell. In fact, if Hitler were playing against Mitchell you'd probably root for him in this one case.

Hitler in 8 Bit Glory... Still more likeable then Billy Mitchell

The Most Successful Documentary Not Made As Propaganda

The King of Kong became the highest grossing documentary ever (that wasn't made as propaganda for some political/environmental/vegetarian cause). Why one week alone it grossed nearly $100,000 at box offices.

Director Seth Gordon went on to make documentaries about even less important subjects (The Dixie Chicks) and has branched out from making movies nobody watches to making television shows that nobody watches (NBC's Parks and Recreation). Gordon is now attempting to make a movie version of the nerd cult classic "Freakonomics."

Proof That Even NBC Had No Clue Why "The Office" Got Popular.