Somewhere, out in the deep Nether regions of the Internet, you can find an art community willing to take you in under their wing and accept your art, no matter how shitty it is. And this is where deviantART comes in.

Just The Facts

  1. deviantART's catchy catchphrase is, "Where art meets application!"
  2. You can find god-knows-what on deviantART, from awesomely epic wallpapers to sad little poetry. Yep, everyone is welcome.
  3. The members of this art community are called deviants, and the site is commonly called dA.
  4. DeviantART is about to celebrate it's 11th birthday on August 7.

DeviantART's Start

From what I can gather from the Journal of deviantART co-founder Angelo Sotira (whose deviant names is Spyed), this website was practically the brainchild of a dude who was sitting around, wondering, "What if I made this awesomely massive online art community?" So Scott Jarkoff, more known in deviantART as the "Yellow Alien", began by approaching Angelo Sotira, who then ran the company DMusic in behalf of the Lnyx Technology Group, and pitched in the idea that would become deviantART. Sotira agreed, so Jarkoff began building and developing deviantART, launching it on August 7, 2000.

Pretty soon it became obvious that Jarkoff couldn't handle this all by himself, so he needed some dudes who could help him. So he got Matthew Stephens, who helped around, and knew tons of great artists who could spread word about deviantART and its great potential. Soon, Sotira had the wonderful insight to hire Stephens, and this is the part were we cue fireworks and cheers, 'cause from then on, a great website for the artistically genius masses was starting to kick some major ass.

But unfortunately, and exhaustingly for the dudes manning dA, some legal problems caused dA's forced shut down. Thankfully, Sotira had the balls and the brains to save dA, and in the end, he did. Well, it took a lot of determination, and a lot of time to save dA, but they did.

DeviantART Today

Now, deviantART has over 13 million registered users, and attracting 35 million unique visitors each month. Now, I don't know how each visitor is unique. I don't really wanna know. Anyway, in dA, you meet people who are just like you, and can accept you and your randomness.They won't treat you like shit, and in fact, they'll probably accept you with open arms. Here, you can explore every genre art has to offer, and a pretty good selection. You can also comment and favorite things you like, and give critiques and such.

You can do a lot of cool things in dA, and I suggest you go right ahead and make yourself an account there, jolly good fellow.