Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing is a television show on The Learning Channel which documents the lives of some of the most irritating people on the face of the earth and their quest to be insufferable cheapskates.&&

Just The Facts

  1. The show draws over 2 million viewers an episode.
  2. Extreme Couponing doesn't actually work in several states due to a ban on double coupons.
  3. Contrary to popular opinion, there is a difference between thriftiness and severe mental illness.

The Premise

Everyone likes saving money. During these hard economic times, financial prudence is an invaluable tool in the war against crippling poverty. As is the case with everything, some people take this idea too far and it is these folks who have given birth to the horror that is "Extreme Couponing."

Extreme Couponing is a reality television show which currently airs on The Learning Channel. It follows the adventures of several people whose lives revolve entirely around hoarding food. Extreme Couponing involves casing grocery stores for the best deals, dumpster diving for coupons, subscribing to online coupon clipping services, surfing coupon clipping forums, and combining every coupon to drastically reduce the cost of groceries at the expense of one's dignity.