Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior was a preacher,the leader of the Civil Rights Movement,and the non violent tactical genius who led his people to break racist laws. His marchers were brutalized on television, which confronted the hearts of millions.

Just The Facts

  1. MLK's leadership of non violent civil disobedience depended on the violence of racists to brutalize his own people on television for the world to see.
  2. MLK was considered the most dangerous man in America by J Edgar Hoover, the corrupt director of the FBI who ordered illegal surveillance and harassment programs against Dr. King. When King threatened to lead the Anti War Movement during his speeches, he became a target of Army.
  3. Dr King's Death was a conspiracy proven in court in 1999. Bet you didn't know that.

The Black Messiah, The American Christ, The ghost of Martin Luther King

"He's the King of all niggers, Mr. President. And he's planning a bloody nigger revolution with H. Rap Brown," reported General Yarborough from Army Intelligence, pissed about threats Dr King made during sermons to lead the anti-Vietnam war movement.

"The FBI concurs - he's the black messiah I've warned you about for years.. He's also a communist and a sexual deviant," reported queen of feds J Edgar Hoover, "he likes to fuck women."*

President Lyndon JFK-Killer Johnson winked to both heads of Intel. It was lynching time.

Yarborough's army and Hoover's bureau both were sanctioned to execute Martin Luther King. They plotted the rules for their most dangerous game and they put a wager on whose shooter would end Dr King. Either way, they agreed on the crucifixion date, a Memphis, and a kill time, a deadline for MLK.

So J Edgar enlisted the Mafia Godfather Carlos Marcellos, gave him one million dollars to do King, but the Mafia was smart, they wouldn't use Italians to do murder for the feds. So the mafia paid local police as hit men for federal targets. It was a sharpshooter from the Memphis Police Department named Lieutenant Earl Clark who J Edgar Hoover's money rode on.

Meanwhile, An eight man U.S. Army sniper team trained for weeks to use everything from K-bar military Rambo knives to anti-tank rockets to terminate Dr King. They practiced ambushing a moving car in a parking lot.

At the brief in the early morning on the day it all went down, the army kill squad was instructed that the order to kill Martin King would only be given in the event that a riot broke out on the scene. In effect and as a courtesy to the FBI - the army would allow the Fbi/mafia/Memphis police sniper to shoot first. If the Pig failed to drop the King, then pandemonium would happen.Pandemonium equals riot.The U.S. army kill squad with its plan for wetworks and overkill, would have their riot and their kill order and Martin King would fall that day at that minute, either way.

The team was also instructed that friendlies would not be wearing ties. "Friendlies" meant FBI informants or agents. Friendlies were not to be killed.Those were the rules for the game.

So overplanned and double booked was this murder, it became fate.

At 1800 hours Memphis time, Jesse Jackson knocked on the door to room 306 of the Motel Loraine. Dr. King emerged from his room onto the balcony, where he scolded Jesse Jackson for not wearing a tie. Jesse Jackson replied, "Doc, the requisite for eating supper is an appetite, not a tie."

Jesse handed Martin a cigarette, then moved out of the way. And as King held the cig up to his mouth with his left hand and his lighter up with his right, a bullet tore through both hands and his face. The pig didn't shoot him center masse, as pigs and military do. The pig shot the King in his big mouth, mafia style, to send a message. His body slammed into his hotel room door, his arms outstretched like Christ lynched on a Roman cross, complete with stigmata or bullet wounds through both hands.

Dr. King fell slumped onto the balcony next to his bloody cigarette. All of his life force poured out from his face, bleeding from the balcony onto the parking lot below, where a photographer caught and collected a pill bottle full of King's blood. The photographer declared, "this blood is holy."

J Edgar Hoover won five bucks and a blowjob from general Yarborough that day.

Though the army sniper team never received their order to shoot Dr King, riots did break out as predicted when the pig with the rifle Earl Clark took his shot. In over 100 cities, the Martin Luther King Death riots erupted. Over 400 people were killed in those riots. All black people. Mostly murdered by cops or feds or army snipers. Assassinated. On the same night that the twentieth Century's messiah was murdered by the American government and military, by the mafia and the Memphis police, and by God forgive him, Jesse Jackson, riots were used as the cover to murder 400 black people. Other kill squads were in full effect that day. The rules of the game played out on a national level all bloody night.

He was the American Christ, he was the twentieth century's messiah. He was a mastermind and a holy man. The murdered ghost of Dr Martin Luther King does not rest in Peace - trapped in his stone tomb in Atlanta, in his sealed coffin. He dreams for us still.

The truth is out there, specifically at

*The FBI, the Army, and the NSA had King under 24 hour audio surveillance, and the only evidence that King was a cheater or a pervert was one audio tape, faked and spliced together by the FBI to make Dr King sound like a pervert having phone sex. It is a proven fake, and was sent to King from the FBI with a letter attempting to coerce Dr. King to commit suicide.