The Invisible

The Invisible is a supernatural thriller about a teenager who finds himself trapped between two worlds – being invisible and permanently stuck in Vancouver and knowing a chick kicked his ass half dead.

Justin finds himself invisible and it really sucks

Brain Larson, private dick.

Just The Facts

  1. The Invisible was shot mostly in and around Vancouver. Though its set in the fictitious location of Burnaby, Seattle, Washington.
  2. It's a remake of the Swedish film Den Osynlige, which was based on the novel of the same name by Mats Wahl.
  3. Directed by David S. Goyer whose main credits include the Blade trilogy, Jumper!, The Unborn and new Batman movies.
  4. Opened at #2 in its first week at the box office below Disturbia with $7.7 million at 2,019 locations. In its second week the film had a 57.7% drop-off, staying at #4. The film grossed $20.1 million domestically and $4.0 million in foreign countries making a total of $24.1 million worldwide.

About the movie

The spirit of a semi-dead boy makes good in this WB-network-flavored tale, which is an adaptation of the young-adult novel by Swedish author Mats Wahl. A privileged and not very well-liked senior in his Seattle high school, brooding poet Nick winds up fingered for ratting out tough girl Annie to the cops for a jewelry heist. Soon his spirit is running loose trying to connect with the people around him, but only animals seem to notice; everyone else just goes about their business. Meanwhile, his body is lying concealed in a sewer tunnel and Annie is the only one "invisible" enough to understand his pain.

Picture yourself in high school again and try to remember how you felt back then, maybe your actually in high school right now, good for you, we want you to stay in school, we want you to be honestly happy, hopefully you don't become a boring disaffected teen who loses interest in their work and falls completely out of wack, oh god what am I talking about? That's right it was suppose to be The Remake, which you can probably tell i'm not very interested in talking about but never mind. Originally The Invisible was supposed to have a subplot involving drugdealers and theft by Nick's cry baby best bud Pete but it was cut early on in order to preserve the main plot of the movie or maybe they just pussied out because their gay, the deleted subplot scenes are included on the dvd, that's only if your thinking of watching it.

Heavy rain added for cinematic effect


In case you were actually thinking of wasting time watching this movie, don't bother, hopefully i've already taken any joy and any thought you might of had about watching it right out of your mind. Instead i'll provide you with the tracklisting to the soundtrack, which you can listen to while you try and picture Justin Chatwin naked, well maybe not.

Music for a Nurse - Oceansize
Fashionably Uninvited - Mellowdrone
Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
Under Pressure - Kill Hannah
Bliss - Syntax
Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Body Urge - The Great Fiction
Taking Back Control - Sparta
02-20 Boy - Suicide Sports Club
Stars & Sons - Broken Social Scene
Weak & Powerless - A Perfect Circle
Caterwaul - And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Perfect Memory - Remy Zero
You're All I Have - Snow Patrol

All I have to say about it personally is, it really sucks and please don't watch it, unless of course you like poorly done teen mellodrama. Why not just hire Batman Begins or Blade, Blade II instead, because after all the guy on the poster, David S. Goyer has clearly done better movies.

Clearly, Badass!