Community, an American sitcom, follows the misadventures of a group of lovable losers enrolled at the fictional Greendale Community College (also Alison Brie's boobies).


Just The Facts

  1. The guy from The Soup is in it and so is that guy from all those vacation movies.
  2. Community airs 8:00 EST on Thursdays, the nationally recognized TV, couch, and HotPockets night.
  3. The show was created by Dan Harmon, the same guy that tricked us into thinking Sarah Silverman was funny.

The Skinny

In 2009, Community premiered on Thursday in the 9:30 EST timeslot as part of NBC's comedy lineup. The show aired after megahit The Office and surprisingly, held a large portion of The Office's audience. Even better, critical reviews were generally positive and increased weekly, garnering some nominations and awards.

In response to the numbers, NBC moved Community to the 8:00 EST timeslot despite the creator's objections and also put Community in direct competition with American Idol for several weeks. An NBC executive had been quoted saying, "I don't give a hell!" [citation needed].

Community takes place at the fictional Greendale Community College situated in the also fictional state of Colorado. Episodes mixes pop-culture references and satire and the personal dramas of each member in a Spanish study group (and then, later, an Antropology study group).

The Cast and Characters

At the heart of Community lies an ensemble cast of characters that include Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), Ben Chang (Ken Jeong), Pierce Hawthrone (Chevy Chase), Annie Edison (Alison Brie), Abed Nadir (Daniel Pudi), Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), and Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs).

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) and Dr. Ian Duncan (John Oliver) are two of Community's large cast of recurring characters.

Some Episodes

1.23 Modern Warfare

"Modern Warfare" (S1, E23) demonstrates the way Community blends pop culture satire with the personal dramas of its cast.

When Dean Pelton unwittingly promises priority registration to the winner of a friendly game of paintball, the coveted prize ends up turning Greendale students against one another, turning the campus into an apocalyptic wasteland straight out of Mad Max.

Luckily, this episode also ravaged YouTube, and searching for clips only results in fan made mashups. Luckily, a relevant clip actually survived the fanboy pillaging.

2.02 Accounting for Lawyers

In "Accounting for Lawyers" (S2, E2), Jeff Winger runs into this guy, the least convincing person cast as a lawyer ever. In short, this guy invites Jeff to a lawyer party, hosted and attended by many of Jeff's former colleagues (despite being nothing like this famous gathering of lawyers).

Jeff's study group follow along in an attempt to save Jeff's soul from his demon past, digging up dirt on this guy and urging Jeff to leave his former community behind. The episode highlights the character work done on Community.

Hijinks involve chloroform and the episode ends like this.

2.14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Ken Jeong's portrayal of a virgin. That, or the concierge for hell. We're not sure yet.