Osama Bin Laden

The Osama bin Laden identity is a mythical construct based on a historical person named Usama bin Laden by the CIA and FBI. He is the focus of American hatred, revenge, and lynch mob mentality bloodthirst...

Osama bin Laden

Just The Facts

  1. The name Osama bin Laden is the name assigned to the mythical supervillain overlord of the Al Qaeda terrorist network by most of the news media and the White House, who claim he is the mastermind and financier of the September 11th attacks.
  2. USAma Bin Laden is the name assigned by the CIA to a historical person who was very rich, possibly trained by the CIA and made a hero in Afghanistan while fighting off the Russians. Usama bin Laden was never charged with the September 11th attacks or wanted by the FBI for the attacks.
  3. Osama bin Laden was reported killed by President Obama (the third spelling of Osama's name) on May first, 2011. This might not be a lie exactly, as the Osama bin Laden identity might be entirely fictional.

Usama bin Laden may have been a real person at some point, but Osama bin Laden is possibly entirely fictional.

Before the Twin towers were even both hit by hijacked airplanes on September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden was reported as top suspect by the news media who reported on this futureshock event. Americans were horrified by what Wikipedia describes as the most expensive snuff film in history, broadcast live on every television in the country - 911 suicide victims jumped to death out of top floors of the tallest twin buildings in New York City, Bin Laden named over and over and over, every time a new jumper jumped....

...and the news media stuck to their story...A real supervillain existed in our time, The supervillain bin Laden was reported to be the leader and financer of a secret society of muslim terrorists nicknamed Al Qaeda by the CIA. "Al Qaeda" is officially a CIA blanket code word for anybody the United States considers a muslim threat of the terrorist variety... We had our cover story, our patsy, our Lee Harvey Oswald to focus all of our hatred on. Just like the character Samuel Goldstein from George Orwell's prophetic novel 1984, the top terrorist in the world, the guy we americans bloodlusted to kill.

And we did kill him, ten years later, according to President Obama's word, who spoke of a dead body which disappeared from earth into the sea, and photographs of dead bin Laden, which will never be released. It reminds us of the time we hunted and killed a Bigfoot, and proved that he existed to the world by feeding him to sharks and insisting we have photographs which we will never show you!

So we did focus all of our hate and bloodthirst into 1984 like hate chants, all across america our young people who grew up believing in the mythical bin Laden, became savages, climbing trees to hang American flags as if they were lynching Bin Laden themselves. They may be the most disappointing young people in American history, never challenging the official version of Bin Laden's story.

So we at cracked have to at least question bin Laden's name. Why are there multiple versions of it? Usama and Osama. Isn't the first letter of a man's name important? isn't it at least as important as the second letter of a man's name? Is Usama and Osama the same person? Is Osama and Obama the same person?

Our subconscious seem to think so. We utter Osama everytime we mean to say Obama now, their names and faces tied together in the history books...

But why would most of the news media and the White House use the name Osama, while the intelligence agencies who provide the name and information on the bin Laden identity we accuse of 9/11 document his name as Usama?

It has been suggested that his name is an english translation of his Arabic name and that there are at least two ways to spell his name, Osama or Usama.

But lets be realistic. The entire news media in 2001 didn't hire a translator to retranslate bin Laden's first name because they distrusted the CIA and FBI's english translation of his first name. I mean, that's not a good enough excuse.

So what is? Did our propoganda suppliers decide the rough draft of his name was a bad idea because it started with the letters USA?

Was it a legal trick? Did we change a historical person's first letter of his first name from U to O in order to create a second, fictional identity that the White House could use to blame the attacks on and muster up war hysteria?

If Osama bin Laden is the fictional, mythical version of Usama bin Laden, it might explain why there is no body, no photographs. But thats all speculation.

All we know for sure is that the historical Usama bin Laden has never been wanted for the attacks of 9/11, not by the FBI . And that Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed by Seal Team 6, which doesn't officially exist...WHAT? Killed by a seal team that doesn't exist? Its almost like the White House is making fun of all of us constantly. With an ever changing story for the history books about how Osama bin Laden died. This too reminds us of the book 1984, where history is rewritten constantly, and the proles automatically accept every new version, and automatically forget the previous version of events.

In the book 1984, the character Samuel Goldstein, whose name might as well be changed to Osama bin Laden, was revealed to be a fictional terrorist, created by Big Brother to justify never ending wars, and to rile up the population with hatred and blood lust and war hysteria, allegory dripping.

Osama bin Laden doesn't exist anymore. Did he ever? Or is Osama bin Laden the fictional, Big Brother owned identity (like the Bourne identity), based on the historical Usama bin Laden, who we've all agreed to blame September 11th on, even when the FBI won't?
Its okay to question consensus view reality, right? Right?