The First Of May

The First of May was a song written by Nerdcore artist Jonathan Coulton. The song depicts the beauty of the ending of the bitter season of winter and the marvelous beginning of spring and all the wonderful things that comes with it.

It's that time of year again.

Just The Facts

  1. This wasn't one of his thing a week productions.
  2. One of a very selct few songs to spawn a holiday.
  3. Was loosely based on an old folk song.

The song.

On top of all the romantic undertones it is mostly about fucking. Not just any variety either, the outdoor kind. Yep that's right, this song is dedicated to the first day of the year where it is o.k to start boning outside. Since the creation of the song his fans have taken it upon themselves to make it an unofficial holiday.

Grass below you, sky above
Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called....fuckin' outside

The song delebritly tricks you into thinking its romantic. While there are some blatant sexual referances in the beginning of the song, he starts this line out almost as though he is trying to make it sound sweet then he just kinda says its about outdoor lovin'.

The Holiday

Nothing really too surprizing here. People need a reason to have sex and he gave them a song thats about a day to starting having sex outside. It's not to big of a leap from there. If Tool wrote a song called February Seventeenth and it was about eating fajitas I'm pretty sure people would have ran with that too....