Boston Celtics

Few Teams in the history of sports were as dominant as the Boston Celtics. From the Glory days of Bill Russel and Cousy, to the Renisance of championships in 2008, with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin, "holy crap that guy sweats a lot" Garnett

Did he Get out of a pool?

Just The Facts

  1. The Boston Celtics have won seventeen championships.
  2. Eight of those were won in a Row
  3. B-B-B- Birds the word

Bill Russell & co

In the beginning there were two basketball leagues. After many years of feriocious competition, of which the death toll was high, peace was achived in 1949, with the monumental merger that created the NBA.

The celtics were on of the original teams in the NBA, or the BBA, as it was called back then. While they eventually aquired star point guard and all around stud Bob Cousy, they went championshipless during the first couple seasons. That all changed during the 1956 NBA draft, where center Bill Russel was drafted from the University of San Fransisco, making him one of the few things good to come out of California. He was the second overall pick. Sadly, he was too busy embarassing other players in the olympics to lead the celtics to a championship that year. Fortunatley, that changed the next year, and the seven years after that. Soon they would total eleven championships in thirteen years, earning Bill Russel the nickname "the Lord of the Rings".

So Kevin, where to you keep the rest?

Havlicek and Bird Years

John Havlicek played during Bill Russell's career, and was the star of the Celtics during the majority of the nineteen seventies, winning two championships, though was most famous for a play where he intercepted and inbound pass from the 76ers during the NBA finals. His legendary career began when he was was drafted by both the cleveland browns and the boston celtics. This may have actually been a tough decision because the Browns were good at one point. I kid you not. Havlicek was known for is incredible stamina, which made him popular among his fellow players and the ladies.

After his retirement in 1978, the Celtics drafted a small forward from Indiana State, called larry Bird. The "Hick From French Lick" would win Rookie of the Year award, and, along with Kevin "the Player with the moves that never fail" Mchale, and Robert "nothing rhymes with Parish" Parish would lead the celtics to three championships, and would win three back to back MVPs. He is also famous for his rivalry with Earvin "Magic" Johnson, the point Guard of the los Angeles Lakers. You could say Bird "soared" over the competition.

Get it, because he is a bird?

Bird was also had excellent range, and won the three point contest three years in a row. He later co- stared in Space Jam with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Boston would have won more championships if Mchale didnt destroy his feet and if Larry's back was in good shape. Larry retired in 1992, and thereby condemed the Boston celtics to a hellish existence of mediocrity.

2008 and Beyond

After not winning the championship for over twenty years. The celtics became an embassasment to the world of Bostonian sports. However, that all changed the day Danny Ainge, former Celtic sharpshooter screwed the Timberwolves out of Kevin Garnett, and aquired Three point expert Ray Allen. They finished first in the League that year and won the seventeenth championship for Boston. Hopefully they will repeat this feat in 2011,

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