Dicks In Nature

Our brains have been hardwired to search for faces everywhere but is it true for phallic symbols too? Behold! Dicks in Nature!



Just The Facts

  1. Guys have one, girls don't
  2. The plural for penis is penes NOT penii
  3. This Topic Page is so gay

Proof God is a dude ... that likes to flash us when we least expect it

Scientists have proved that our brains have a special ability to find faces in everyday objects. We can find eyes, nose and a mouth in grilled cheese sandwichs, cloud formations even a rusty pan. So it's only natural that some part of our brain is hard wired to search the world for dick shaped objects:

Penis statue


You just know all the other cactuses hate this guy!

Rock Pillar

Man created Mt Rushmore, nature created this. Nature wins.


Icebergs aren't always lurking around trying to kill Gillbert Grape, no they have a sense of humor too!


The Chilli Willy ® Chillies are a patented pepper that anyone can grow to bring the spice back into your love life!


close up

Saying a lot about German S&M tendancies, in the German language this cactus is know as Frauenglück, or "Women's joy".

Penis Tree


Step 1 Mix viargra and bamboo .... Step 2 profit?

Other unintentional dicks

Joe Camal

There is subliminal advertising and then there is subliminal advertising


Classic Star Trek face palm

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