Beakman's World

Beakman's World is the insane output of a random lab-created genetic splicing. Question: what do you get when you combine a mad scientist, a hot babe, a creepy furry, slapstick puns and props, and bizarre science?

Just The Facts

  1. FAST FACT: Jok Church adapted the show from a creepy-looking comic strip he ran called "You Can", apparently because his idea just didn't kick enough ass yet.
  2. FAST FACT: "Lester" was going to be a puppet up until the last minute, when they realized they had no licensed proctologists on set.
  3. FAST FACT: The human body produces more than 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, more than enough to fill you and your friend's swimming pools.


Beakman's World taught us all as kids that science is fun and that the Texas horned lizard can squirt blood from the corners of its eyes. Take Uncle Jesse on a meth-crazed bad hair day, throw in a 80's child with a Jersey accent and a lecherous rat who was so repulsive that he could probably infect you with herpes through the screen, then throw them all in the equipment room at the local YMCA and see what happens.

Batshit crazy science, that's what happens.

The only thing that could've topped it would've been waking up next to Liza Schneider in bed naked.

Oh, um... sorry bout that.

Looks kinda like David Lynch stumbled into Bill Nye's studio after-hours.


"This is where my minions and I will strike next."

Beakman was the kind of madman who seemed like he was constantly on the verge of doing something as fucking unexpected as dissecting the gall bladder of a sheep still inside the stomach of an anaconda.

He was always either conducting an experiment or smacking Lester upside the head.

"Don't try this at home, kids."


Beakman's ever-trusty sidekick, Liza Schneider upped the ratings of Beakman's World by at least 2 million percent. She made science synonymous with sex-a-licious. Every red-blooded male in America wanted a piece of that, oh yeah.

Consequently, the show died the season after she left.

FAST FACT: Breasts are slightly more buoyant than the rest of the human body.