Henry Cavill

He's Superman. That's all the fucking summary you need.

He's also fucking hot.


I... I think I may have to sit down.

Just The Facts

  1. Henry Cavill's been dubbed "The Unluckiest Man In Hollywood" after being passed over for several high profile roles.
  2. Others believe it's because he was Stephanie Meyer's inspiration for Edward Cullen in Twilight. That's right, this poor man was the subject of her masturbation fantasies.
  3. He's Superman now though. It's all going to be fine...
  4. Apparently if he wasn't an actor, he'd be studying archaeology or Egyptology. Made for me, obviously.


I actually had a proper article written out, with a career overview and a lot of poking fun at Twilight, but after I clicked Save and Publish, for some reason all my content disappeared. So now I'm angry, and am just going to put up some pictures of him for you all to drool over until I can remember what I actually wrote.

Well, I feel a bit better now.