-Under Construction- Tarzan is human man who was raised by wild jungle apes. Not learning all the douchebaggery of civilization allowed his natural instincts toward being a cool badass to come to the surface.

Just The Facts

  1. Tarzan was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose books were then adapted into movies, comics, and toys.
  2. Tarzan lives in the jungle, swings on vines, and wears a loincloth.
  3. Tarzan pretty much started out with a theme of humanity's superiority over nature, but has since become a symbol for people who live in harmony with nature. Go figure.

Tarzan was a White Man

His parents were from the UK, and were quite upperclass. Lord and Lady Greystoke forgot little Tarzan on the bus one day, and the driver dropped him off in the jungle.

There, he was found by some gorillas and monkeys, who adopted him before Madonna could show up and do it first. They called him "Tarzan" because it meant "white skin" in monkey language. You can look it up in any Monkey-to-English dictionary if you want.

Tarzan was an Ape-Man

Being raised by apes in the jungle had some advantages. These included learning to swing on vines, learning to swim very well, and being able to run around in a loincloth without the neighbors complaining.

Tarzan can also talk to most animals, though strangely not most predators. This is one of the ways that the story makes less than sense. We can accept a guy growing up with gorillas for a family, but not one who is unable to communicate with meat eaters. The problem is likely that they can't concentrate on what he's saying while they keep thinking about how delicious he looks.

Tarzan becomes legendary

The popularity of the book series led to a radio show, serial and feature films, tv shows, cartoons, comics, toys, and videogames.

Radio Show

in 1933, Buster Crabbe stars in a 12 part movie serial "Tarzan the Fearless".

Tarzan had shorter hair during this time period, so as not to appear too wild or uncivilized.

No, it doesn't make any real sense at all.

In the 80's, Taito came out with an arcade game called "Jungle King", which was pretty popular at the time. It was one of the first few games to offer different stages of gameplay, ie game levels or locations. It featured what appeared to be Tarzan, or at least, the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs sued the crap out of Taito. They won too, forcing Taito to change the name to "Jungle Hunt", and alter the main character from having long black hair and a loincloth into being a man in safari clothes and a pith helmet, as well as removing the distinct "Aaaah-Auh-Auuuuhh!" shout of Tarzan.

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