An acronym for Internet Movie Database. A place where trolls and particularly fanboys, come to duke it out.

Just The Facts

  1. It's owned by Amazon and only by buying or giving info to them, can you post on the message boards
  2. Anyone can rate a movie/show regardless of whether they've actually seen it.
  3. You can rate a movie/show, before it has even come out.

How movies are voted.

Movies can be given a 1 to 10 rating which is used to create an aggregate score, just about anyone providing you have an account. It doesn't matter if you've seen the movie or not, you can still vote. It doesn't even matter if the movie is even out, you can still vote.

Of course this means that a movie/show or game even can get a rating BEFORE it's even out which is, of course, determined by "sensible" individuals.

When the movie is first released, they usually have an influx of extremely positive votes which begin to subside after a while.

This is of course due to IMDB fans voting in only polar opposite ratings. They either decide to vote a 1 star or a 10 star in order to distort the aggregate rating to what they think should be appropriate.

Iff this didn't sound extreme enough, the IMDB fans converse with one another on how to strategically vote in order to get the rating that THEY want. Examples such as the Justin Bieber movie show a very co-ordinated effort to drastically bring down the score of a said show/movie.

If the idea of groups of fans who strategically vote in the most extreme polar opposites for movies, doesn't sound crazy enough. They also do it to rival movies. That's right, these fans do nothing in half measures.

Heck, some might even suspect them of using sockpuppets and other falsified accounts because they are that dedicated.

Usually a movie will only see a decreasing or steady rating as the years go on, no matter whether the reviews begin to change or not.

So between a ratings system that needs no justification and that anyone can use without any kind of real quality control. Or the crazed vocal minority. IMDB becomes the equivalent of Kanye West on an awards show night.

The message boards.

The message boards are tantamount to finding out just what the fans are like and what you're dealing with.

Most of the message boards will have the same types of recurring threads:

a) Saying that the movie/show sucks BEFORE its even out.

Based by afew details and what not, whether it's bey people attatched or by rumours and trailers. Usually these same people persist in their opinion that the said show/movie sucks and never back down.

b) What people have apparently learned from the movie.

As in a 100 or so thing sthat they "learned" from the movie, Usually its a joke at the expense of the movie and how unrealistic it is.

c) A comparitive list of "best" or "worst" movies/ shows whilst placing the said show/movie in somewhere on the list.

The list might be relating to a genre, director or actor. Such as the best Nolan movies, Ellen page or comic book movies.

d) A thread complaining about the rating of the show/movie being either too high or low.

They're usually skimpy on the details or on the very few occasions they go into great detail to rebuke any haters or lovers.

e) The best quotes from the movie.

Usually a thread for humourous reasons.

f) Listing people's favourite characters.

Usually for very shallow reasons such as attractiveness. Sometimes it's based on how "cool" they are such as the tools and stuff they get to do.

g) Comparing a show/movie based on certain similiarities.

Such as Tron Legacy vs The Matrix and such. It can be in a very derogatory sense in order to insult the quality and mostly the oringinality of a said show/movie.

The reviews.

The reviews do thankfully ask for a minimum number of words, although it's a paltry amount. They generally ask to tick a box whether the said review has spoiler or not.

There are search features to look by reviews by the most recent the "best" (highest rated) and those by prolific users. The prolific users reviews can still be lacking in detail, and althought they may have done review for hundreds if not thousands of movies, they still might be very uninfromative.

Once again the flawed rating system rears it;'s ugly head. As reviews can be rated by anyone with an account with no justification necessary.