The Lizard People

The lizard people are a very real and dangerous threat to us all! What people don't realise is that lizard people are adept at hiding and keeping to the shadows, not letting the ordinary Joe Soaps see them at all or their awful plans for humanity.

They are a clear and present danger to us all

Just The Facts

  1. The Lizard people wish to enslave humanity
  2. We must destroy them
  3. Humanity 4 life yo!

History Of The Lizard People

The Lizard People and humans co-existed peacefully up to and including the 12th Century B.C. Humans and the lizard people lived side by side in peaceful harmony, enjoying a co-existence fueled by common hatred of the Mongoloids. The Mongoloids were terrible race of Mongs and Loids who tortured the humans and lizard people in equal amounts. In the 12th Century B.C. the humans and lizard people banded together to form an almighty army to destroy the Mongoloids once and for all. In a mighty battle, what was once called the War of Independance before being stricken from the records, the Mongoloids were smashed by the allied human-lizard person army and were driven into the oceans where they slowly evolved into jellyfish, forever taking their revenge by stinging unsuspecting people at the beach.

Following the War of Independance the lizard people population had been decimated almost entirely, being only one fifth the size. Seeing his advantage, the leader of the human army, Pharaoh Rameses III led his human army against the lizard people and in the ensuing battle killed their leader, whose name is lost to the ages.

The humans had thought that all the Lizard People were killed but a small contingent had survived the attack and remained waiting in the shadows to exact their revenge on their cruel human usurpers

Lizard People in Today's Society

It took the Lizard people thousands of years to overcome the human treachery and regain some of their former power but it wasn't until the 60's that they finally revealed themselves as the insane terrorists we humans always knew them to be...... with the assassination of JF Kennedy!

That's right Lizard People killed the only man who could have ever led an uprising of humans against them, those wily bastards!

And what about all the other bad stuff that's happened in this world? Think all that's just a coincidence? Don't be an idiot!

Richard Nixon
Nixon was in fact a Lizard man in disguise who was completely funded by lizard people funds

A photo of Nixon meeting with his Lizard People contact

What about all those terrible movies Hollywood likes to churn out? 'Epic Movie, Vampires Suck, Disaster Movie, etc. Think a human could have written such garbage? No, sir! This is a lizard people attempt at sabotaging our youth with awful movies. Just look at who directs these movies
Align CenterLizard Person in human disguise

And music? What about all those shitty artists out there whose music is shit and is dumbing down the population of the world today? Did you really think Justin Bieber got to be a huge hit merely from youtube hits? No! See the shocking revelation here!

Justin Bieber out for a stroll with his lizard person manager!

Damn you to hell Bieber you collaborating son of a bitch!

And on to their worst crime! The Lizard people have somehow managed to implant chips into each of our brains which can read our thoughts! Now, you may be asking what good is that to them? Well it means they know all of our secrets which they sell to consumer ad agencies who pay them top dollar to fund their lizard people schemes!

How did they get the chips in our brains I hear you screaming! Well, when the child is born it's taken out of the room for a few 'check-ups' to make sure it's 'healthy', well that's a damn lie, take a look at this photo I took in a hospital (which I won't divulge the name of, suffice to say that Lizard People are rampant in our hospitals) to see what really happens

Here we can clearly see a lizard doctor having completed the brain chip implant and looking quite pleased with himself

It is quite clear that the Lizard People are rampant in our society and that they must be crushed beneath the bootheel of our cruelty once again. And, so, dear friends I call upon you to do your part and proclaim with me 'Death To The Lizard People'

Lizard People Collaborators

Here are some photos of people who are known lizard people collaborators, if you see these people don't hesitate to give them a stern telling off!

The Corr sisters

Those bitches sold us up the river

Hugh O'Donoghue

Enjoy your Lizard People tiaras while you can O'Donoghue


Inter-species love is uncool Jay-Z, super uncool!

Russell Brand

Russell Brand was among the first to collaborate

Bertie Aherne
Former Irish Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, shares a bowl of shamrocks with the Lizard King!