Dick Bong

Dick Bong, it sounds like a combination of words that might be pretty dirty. (Or redundant...)

Not a pipe or douchebag

Is it any wonder the top American ace(s) flew a P-38? Not if you've played this game.

Just The Facts

  1. Richard Ira "Dick" Bong was a fighter pilot in World War II for the US Army Air Force.
  2. He was credited with forty kills, making him the American Ace of Aces and was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  3. He didn't like calling the airplanes he shot down "kills" and was a generally modest guy.
  4. Died the same day as Hiroshima was bombed, when the P-80 jet fighter he was flying crashed.

Top Gun

If you've ever seen an old TV show called The Black Sheep Squadron you might think that the Marines or Navy had the highest scoring American pilots and they flew F4U Corsairs to do it. After all, how could any pre-war plane hope to take out the dreaded Japanese Zero, or Zekes as they were called. Hell, even the art department at CAPCOM thought so:

Image from arcade-museum.com