The Na'vi are a tribe far, far away. They were first described and presented in James Cameron's AVATAR, which is now thought of as the best documentary ever. Home planet is the moon Pandora, which circles Polyphemus, an extrasolar planet.

As proven here, only the combination makes the Na'vi unique, not their features

Just The Facts

  1. very blue indeed
  2. like Johnny B. Goode never learned to read or write
  3. Have a certain sexual appeal
  4. screw the gringos (when lead by an Australian)
  5. are made in Cameron's image (of primitive and original humans)
  6. resurrect phantasies hidden since critics killed CATWOMAN

Scientific description of the Na'vi

In some way it is very difficult to describe them precisely, as their only distinctive feature is their color (for all those protesting: long tails are not uncommon to at least the male members of some long-sought African tribes; an exceptional body size and four fingers can be found among those scattered tribes around the Ukrainian town of Tschernobyl).
Their skinny appearance is believed to be a result of their- excuse us- funny beliefs, which forbids them to hunt aggressive beasts (an exception is made for human transport crews moving explosives from the rear of their overweight cargo planes).
The Na'vi are typical nature-loving locals/indians with four fingers and, well, very blue skin (have we mentioned that?). As usually, when Colonialists/Imperialists come close to a tribe, the princess is shagged by the lucky savior, feeding the imagination of all those unfortunates who are commited to a 250 lbs female human species AND have to watch an US-American company beaten by disloyal employees and moody aliens....
In conclusion, the Na'vi are a normal tribe that have a lot in common with their earthly counterparts.

There is little detail known about their sex life. An artists imagination leaked on the internet has no relation to reality, especially not the last scene.

(last paragraph edited according to the wish of the lawyer of some damn avatar)

Apart from beeing blue (we have to mention it, it is what makes them Na'vi and distinguishes them from the fat Indian running your favourite casino), the tribe is in constant need of an American Marine, who is then referred to as Toruq Makto.