Known best for its short musicians and vibrant arts culture; Minneapolis is a hotbed of cultural diversity, and gravity.

Thanks to 20 inches of wet, saturated snow.

Thanks to our resident 18-Foot tall mutant sewer gopher, T-Paw

Just The Facts

  1. Minneapolis has the largest population of Somali immigrants in the nation.
  2. Outside of New York, Minneapolis boasts the highest per capita prevalance of theaters.
  3. The average daily temperature is either -5, or 105... absolutely no middle ground.

Roots as a Milling Hub

Built on the banks of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis was founded as a grain milling capital. This has since evolved into breweries and agricultural exchanges, which has resulted in ubiquitous beer bellies. Despite having an extremely well educated workforce, nearly seamless wi-fi coverage, a hugely efficient transportation system, and world renowned high tech industries, everything else in Minneapolis seems to fall down.

The author of this article knows exactly how this happened

Cultural Diversity

Minneapolis is the only place on earth where you can find a shop selling both lutefisk and Halal meats. On a trip down Lake Street, you will go through rapidly shifting neighborhoods such as: Multi-Million Dollar Condos, ground zero of a hipster infestation, an embassy to the third world nation of Detroit, a barrio, Haight-Ashbury, and a post World War II expansion still inhabited by original residents. Other landmarks include a Swedish Castle, a multi-million dollar Hindu temple, and North America's first basilica.

All in the same building

All in the same building.


A little known fact is that Minneapolis' record high temperature (108) is the same as Miami's. A much more widely known fact is that Minneapolis is fucking cold. In an average winter that lasts from October to April 50 inches of snow fall. A run-of-the-mill week long cold snap will plunge the city into a -10 to -20 scrotum freezing so vicious when the thermometer creeps back over 30 we turn our air conditioners on. Spring and Summer are host to weekly mesoscale thunderstorms, yearly derechos, and typically around two or three EF4 tornadoes a year. Humidity reaches 165% in May, and stays that way until there's no less than 3 feet of snow on the ground. Any, any, weather extreme you can think of, Minneapolis goes through it daily.

A calm Wednesday afternoon.