Considered a quintessential Arnold Swarzenegger movie. Forever heralded as one of the greatest 80s action movies ever concieved.

Now thats  a tagline!

Just The Facts

  1. You can survive a 50 foot drop of a moving ariplane, up in the air...if your Matrix that is.
  2. Officially about 81 people died in Commando when by some estimates show that its 96
  3. Bill Paxton is in this movie as a brief cameo.
  4. Benicio Del Toro actually played one of the dictators mooks in this movie.
  5. Some buxom therapist (Ava Cadell) partakes in a rahter pointless yet infamous scene.

The Character

John Matrix

A retired special ops soldier who has retreated to the mountains with his daughter to eat icecream and pat dears. All of this comes crashing down when a former dictator takes his daughter and demands he finish of the current leader of that nation, so that he can retrun to power.

But does he comply? Absolutely not. He becomes a literal one-man-army and engages every one of Arius's mercenaries and henchmen in a brutal fashion.

This is the Matrix who doesn't dodge bullets because bullets miss him! But Matrix can shoot people without even aiming at them! Heck he's using machine guns with just one hand when everyone else has to use two hands and still can't hit the Austrian oak.

As he is played by Arnold, you can expect some real awesome one-liners and some insane feats of physical prowess, that make the world's strongest man competitions look like a group of people who boast of opening jam jar lids.

Arnold as awesome as he is, did most the action stunts himself.

Yes its a visual pun; we all get it.


A former member of Matrix's special unit until he was kicked out for being too bloodthirsty. Then he became a trawler of sorts on his own m***a f*****g boat until that went up in smoke. Now he's working for Arius for a rather generous sum for the simple pleasure of watching Matrix suffer. He is clearly inhinged and gets even more so towards the end ot the movie

He has become quite a popular villain, even managing to make it on the Nintendo nerd's baddest bad guys. Even appearing in a particular kind of parodies known as, Bennett spotting.


A former green beret who is responsible for the deaths of serveral of Matrix's squad members.


A "funny guy" by John's own admission but a totall failure when it comes to women. Still he has the grace and courtesy to deal with rejection in a very civilised manner.

Why Cindy would turn a small guy like this down, is anyone's guess.


A man who can even dwarf John Matrix but then again he wears a hawain shirt. Doesn't really say or do much other than smirk at Sully's great lines.


A flight attendant who gets hauled into the pandemonium of this explosive situation. But she is kind-hearted enough to help out John when he needs it. Though she does act to point out how overtly over-the-top everything seems to be. Still at least she doesn't distract Matrix in his quest to slay evil.


The young daughter of John Matrix. To her credit she does manage to escape encarceration only to persued by a crazed Bennet. She also seems to know that her daddy makes people drop like flies and it doesn't seem to bother her that much, despite the fact she got kidnapped because her father is an Austrian death machine.

Apparently some people in Japan after seeing Commando decided to give Alyssa Milano a record deal. No seriously.

The action

Well this movie is a glorification to the art of overkill. Nobody in this movie dies in way that couldn't have been any more exaggerated; from the lowly comic mooks to the more important henchmen.

This movie has it all; with massive explosions, knife fights, rocket launchers, shotguns, handguns and revolvers, uzis, riffles , grenades, machine guns, gardening tools and so much more.

That's not at least saying the people that Matrix manages to kill with just his bare hands!

This is all so aptly explained when Bennet brags that Matrix and him could kill every one of them (clicks fingers) "In a blink of an eye!".

Aside from the lethality of Matrix's assault it might be overlooked that he does manage to fight multiple people without the need of killing them. A great restraint on John's part but nonetheless our hero can't be killing innocent people can he?

"All f*****g hell is going to break lose" , John Martrix.

There was even a little gore to this movie such as the infamous shed scene which was included on the UK DVD.

In fact there was supposed to be a seen where Matrix, having chopped of some guys arm, beats him to death with it. But apparently that was too extreme for the movie, so Optimus Prime gets to do what Matrix would have. How anyone could decide there was violence that was too extreme for this over-the-top movie is anyones guess.

A remake?

What part of "No chance!" does Hollywood not understand?

You just can't leave well enough alone, can you Hollywood?

Due to the great success of the first movie and the fact thatis is even considered a bit of a cult film, it has obviously attracted the attention of the head honchos at Hollywood. But this time they wish to do a (sigh) realistic version.

Forgetting of course that there was absolutely nothing realistic or contained within this movie. It was a rampage that gets comparable to the elite campaigns of first person shooters. So if this movie is exaggerated even by the levels of video games, and loved for it; why make a serious one? It was partly written by a comic book writer (Jeph Loeb) for crying out loud.

Ah well. It might increase viewership for the first movie and possibly more faithfull spin-offs and such in spirit.

Besides there's already a Russian reamke of this movie anyways.