Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of the Linux operating system, and ideal if you want to compute like it was 1995.

False advertising at its finest

Just The Facts

  1. Ubuntu is designed to be the user-friendly version of Linux.
  2. In other words, it's designed to allow you to be a smug douchebag while not actually doing any of the work to validate being a smug douchebag.
  3. Fact #2 makes all Linux complaints about Apple products inherently hilarious.

Ubuntu: Linux For Obnoxious Human Beings

It never fails. Somebody will ask a question about Windows, and some troll will say "Install Linux." Complain about some minor problem on your iMac and some troll will say "This is why Apple is evil and Satanic and why you should install Linux." So, after seeing that behavior and deciding you want to be an obnoxious self-righteous douchebag too, you