If you've ever heard or watched Naruto then this is pretty much the show that came before. Minus shipping and many other annoyances

The characters


He's only 12 years old and he is already a captain of his own ninja corps. Don't let his appearance fool you, he is devilishly deceptive but happens to be very naive at times. Oh and in anime, you can show kids getting hurt and bleeding and stuff and boy does Fuusuke take a pounding sometimes. But its just as well that he's a tough one and manages to give as good as he gets.


The Leeroy of the group. So he is the guy who rushes in, head first and consequently gets his ass kicked the most. Oh but he also hates women, but not in the sense that he dates them and bad mouths them behind their back. No he hates women up in their faces and violently rejects the advances of any girls.


The pilot of the group and a bit of a ladies man. His motif is the white snake and he uses earth moves. Oh and he parades around in one of those Sumo nappies when he fights.


Like many animes, she is totally and utterly useless ina fight. She is basicly there to get kidnapped and then rescued.


A superstong penguin with some flatulent problems.

The Villains


An effeminate guy who does horrible things to achieve peace. He was even once one of the good guys but after losing the girl he loved he goes bad. Yep, he's got some of Mr Freeze's story intermixed. But don't worry; he makes no ice puns.

Col Ajirada

Some big, bold, guy who can channel electricity through some fancy manacles.

Col Mekira

A bit of a drunk who is a master at illusionary ninja techniques, also known as genjutsu.


The mastermind who went about as high priest in order to further his plan to obtain the ultimate power.

Naruto ripped this of big time

First of all the rasengan? Nah nah nah nah more like the kuatsuken

Then there are ninjas with flak jackets? Pssh Ninku came out with that before.

A Ninja who uses white snake symbolry and earth moves? Yep Ninku did that too.

Do Ninjas going around, fixing random problems that certain villages have? Ninku says hello.

Are Ninjas a peace-keeping force? Ninku does. Oh way Naruto does too!

But please let's not get started on Fuusuke.

Fuusuke was the first one to start wearing orange and he was a wind element ninja before Naruto.

Oh hey he uses copies of himself, but they're only illusions...

His mother was kidnapped by the main baddy to get some supernatural creature, yep Ninku again.

Is he fighting to get his friend back from the side of evil? Wait is this Fuusuke or Naruto?

Yeah it just goes on and on.

But who's more awesome? Ninku or Naruto?

Well considering the fact that there are no guns in Naruto for the simple reason that they would made Ninjas completely obsolete. Then you look at Ninku and you'lll notice it's guns galore for the baddies side. Heck they're fighting armies in a regular basis and are experts and getting the hell out of dangerous situations.

But then there is the fact that in Naruto, they rely on chakra and when that runs out, they're dead. However in Ninku they simply just "borrow" their powers from nature itself. Which means they can do magic till their hearts content or atleast they get physically exhausted.

Are they strong? Well considering that Fuusuke is only 12 years old and he's punching through an armoued van with just one bare fist, I think it's same to assume Ninku are strong.Then again Naruto's got ninja who can throw 20 foot rhinos up in the air 50 feet So Ninku loses out in terms of raw muscle power.

What about speed? Ninjas by their profession have to speedy and agile. So it's just as well that both of them can do the whole "move behind you from great distance without you noticing". Then again; in Ninku they are dodging bullets and such. Which makes it seem that Ninku have the speed department down.

And before y'all go into lengthy details over crater sizes and widespread destruction, you should note that Fuusuke's Kuatusken has a whopping power of 9320 gigawatts. That's almost 9 times the amount of electricty produced from nuclear powerplant! And that's not even the most powerfull technique by a long shot.

But in all fairness, Naruto does have lots of indestructable energy beasts and magic that lets you mess around with time/space. However the more powerfull the techniques, the more dangerous the side-effects. Heck using some jutsu can send your immortal soul into the belly of a demon; now that is quite the steep price.

At least Ninku doesn't forget thte techniques it bothers to estabilish. Does anyone even bother with substitution justus in Naruto anymore?

So Ninku's got the power and the versatiliy but Naruto's got the more intricate techniques and interesting physiologies, but also alot more negative side-effects.