Soul Food

Soul Food: The number one killer of black americans over the age of 'just being born.'

Sure, he's smiling now. By the way, those walls weren't red before. After having ten heart attacks, Tommy Guerrero's heart exploded onto the wall. He's only smiling because he knows his last meal was fucking delicious.

Just The Facts

  1. Soul Food is very delcious, in the same way heroin is so very addicting.
  2. People mistake marijuana for being a gateway drug. However, usage of biscuits and gravy has led to more hospitalizations in the deep south than car accidents.
  3. In fact, some car accidents have been caused by biscuits and gravy...mmmmm.

Soul Food

is fucking delicious. I mean, look at this shit!

Soul food, also known as the real reason why white people like cracker barrel, is known for its delcious, destructive properties. Men have been known to fight to the death over the last piece of cobbler and women have been arrested on infiltrating the blackmarket with cornbread, a vile food that has been described as "more addicting and more pleasurable than methamphetamine." The effects of soul food have even reached the top of the United States government, infiltrating the heart of former president Bill Clinton. Terrorists in the 1990s, (soul food chefs) were charged with deliberately making their food for Clinton. Since fried chicken has natural hallucinogenic properties, those who were found out to be catering for Clinton were charged with treason.

The characteristics of soul food are simple, yet deadly. You start out with fresh, healthy ingredients and you SMOTHER WITH LARD, BUTTER AND SALT UNTIL YOU DIE!!