Bully Safety

30 years too late, lifetime geek Steve finds a bully survival guide his older brother gave him when he was 10, and through the faded illustrations, it all comes back to him...

Just The Facts

  1. If you thought turning the other cheek was the fool proof way to best a bully, go ahead and punch yourself.
  2. Get used to that feeling.
  3. Why you punchin yourself?

Besting a Bully Without Become a Bully

It is important to remember, once you best a bully, that as you stand over him, rummage through his wallet, taunting him as you piss on pictures of his girlfriend, drag him to a bathroom stall and proceed to shove his head under the water of the porcelain torture chamber and flush it, thrusting your head back with the wild cackling of victory, that you, yourself, are prone to becoming a bully too.

"Haha. My turn, fuckwads. And you, Bill, ya dick."