Insane Asylums

Insane Asylums are by far the most cuddly and abusive places on earth meant for the insane.

This looks great! Finally, a place where I can shit myself while having my head cut open!

They see me rolling!


Just The Facts

  1. First mental institutions started around the 19th century.
  2. They are known for the cruel treatment toward patients
  3. They have more padded walls per square inch then any other building in the world!


Back in the 1800's, you were not called crazy, you were called Satan, which mean that you would be burned at the stake. In fact, most of the mentally ill patients during this time were put away in prisons or stashed away in public basements. I assume most of you have never had to live in a public basement with a bunch of other insane people living in there own waste, but its not fun.

Eventually a doctor by the name of Dorothea Dix pushed to create the first real mental institutions, which were given names like the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers and the Athens Lunatic Asylum, (Rolls of the tongue). Most of them were built under the Kirkbride Plan, which was to make sure that the places were to provide the most comforting conditions for those that hear voices in there head. Sadly, the concept of "helping" soon became to "mainstream" and most of them turned into gothic style prisons. Did I mention the torture? Well, there is torture.

Worst Insane Asylums

Danvers State Hospital- As we all know, insane asylums are notorious for the neglect of there patients, Hospital-but torture is never really heard about. Well, the Danvers State Hospital had over 2,300 patients at its peak. Danvers was the birth place of lobotomy, which essentially means they take out part of your brain with a rusty ice cream scoop and give it to the demon lord Balom as a offering, or something like that.

This man just had a lobotomy. He looks totally safe for society now.

Doctors also used electroshock 'therapy' to keep the inmates in line, which was not hard because most of them had there legs broken to prevent them from running into streets and causing chaos. (Evidently, every single mental patient was the Joker incarnate.)

Tell me when you feel a slight cringing feeling.

You may be telling yourself, this was back hundreds of years ago, back when people expected to have there brains bashed in. Well, this all happened in the late 1940's early 1950's, making this that much creepier. When the Denver asylum closed in 1992 (probably for the smell of burning flesh), the place was scheduled for demolition, but it burned down mysteriously.

The Athens Lunatic Asylum- This place is more shrouded in mystery then torture, but it still deserves a mention. It became 'haunted' when in 1978, the lifeless, completely naked body of a female patient was found in a unheated room that was locked from the inside. Her corse left a stain (a stain of what I dont know) and it is said that her silhouette has remained ever since, despite a bunch of angry janitors trying to scrub it away. Another fun fact, in 1876, the highest reason for insanity among male patients was masturbation, which means that everyone reading this is legally insane.

Pilgram Psychiatric Center- This place started out with good intentions, like most crazy houses, but after there population became oversized, they started to become aggressive. This makes sense, because anyone who worked there that had to sit there for twelve hours a day and listen to several thousand people rant about how they are an orange would probably want to stab a bitch. This place used lobotomies and electroshock, but they are known for inducing comas into patients using massive amounts of inulin and metrozol. In case you did not know this, Insulin, even a small amount can kill you and the coma you are put into is not fun. I have been into a insulin coma before and it drives people to insanity, making this the most backwards hospital ever.

Topeka State Hospital- In 1913, the state of Kansas passed the most inhumane law ever, it allowed for criminals, idiots, epileptics, imbeciles, and the insane to be castrated. Read that again. Its not just the evil, its the dumb. And we are not talking like mentally retarded dumb, we are talking about that guy who jumps off a building because he thought it would look cool. These people can have there penises cut off. This is where most of those castrations took place, with a whopping 3,000 people becoming infertile by 1961. It does not stop there with this place though. in the 1900's, people were strabbed to there beds for so long that there skin started to grow over there bounds.

Bethlem Royal Hospital- This is the oldest place that ever started to take mentally ill patients starting back in around 1357, which meant that the conditions were going to suck. They would allow the public to come in and pay money to see the "freaks" and jab at them with large pointy sticks. Its kind of like a zoo, but you are laughing at your own species locked in a cage, foaming at the mouth because one of the rats gave him rabies. That is some wholesome family fun!