Ouran Host Club

KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE do do da doooo do do da doooo!

Just The Facts

  1. Ouran Host Club only has 26 episodes
  2. It follows Haruhi Fujioka, a girl who pretends to be a host (boy) to pay her 8 million yen debt for breaking a vase.

About Ouran

Ouran High School is a school for super rich kids. Haruhi is not a rich kid. Haruhi is a scholarship student who lives with her transvestite father and aspires to be a laywer like her late mother. Trying to find a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon Music Room #3 where the Host Club have their meetings. Keep in mind that when we first see Haruhi, she looks like this:

a kid got gum in her hair so she cut it all off.

The Host Club automatically think that Haruhi is gay and in the process of her trying to escape their clutches, she breaks a vase that was up for a school auction worth 8,000,000 yen ($101,220.15). In order to pay them back for the vase, she becomes the Host's Dog but ends up becoming an actual Host even after they figure out she's a girl. To the rest of the school, she's a boy, but the Host and her close friends know the truth. So for the next 26 episodes we get know the members of the club and more about Haruhi. The Host Club is basically like rated PG prostitution and Tamaki Suou is the pimp.

Meet The Main Characters

Haruhi Fujioka (Ha-roo-hee)

makeover: successful

Haruhi is a scholarship student and the newest member of the Host Club. She's only a member for her debt but she ends up loving the other members. She's got a thing for fancy tuna and is probably one out of three members that has any common sense.

Kyoyoa Ootori (Kee-yo-ah)

of the Ootori clan

Kyoyoa is the third son of the Ootori family. It's one of the most powerful family in Japan and he doesn't let him forget it. He's the vice president/treasurer/secretary of the Host Club. He's a bit of an ass, but he gets the job done. He also knows everyone. It's kind of creepy. His label for the Host Club is smartness or whatever.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Hick-ka-roo and Kah-roo)

twinsest. it's delicious

Hikaru and Kaoru are identical twins. They're angle in the Host Club is brotherly love boarderline twinsest. It's gross, but after awhile you get kind of used to it. They aren't really in love with each other anyway. Hikaru is actually more of an asshole than Kaoru and you get to see their differences as the show goes on. They're both in love with Haruhi, but Kaoru steps aside and lets Hikaru go for it.

Takashi Morinozuka a.k.a. Mori


Mori-senpai (as he's so often called because he's a junior) is the Strong and Silent type. He spends most of his days practicing kendo and taking care of his cousin. He doesn't usually talk.

Mitsukuni Huninozuka a.k.a Hunny

it's hard to believe that THIS is a possible weapon of mass destruction

Hunny-senpai is Mori-senpai's cousin. He's the Boy Lolita type. His hobbies include eating cake and...well...eating cake. He eats so much cake his younger brother Chika thinks he's an alien. Trust me...it's a lot of cake. He also carries around a stuffed bunny named Usa-chan. His family is also the best martial artists, um, ever. The Secretary of Defense from Japan asked Hunny-senpai not to fight at his full strength because he's so good he'd be considered a weapon of mass destruction and it'd upset the UN and other shizz. He's possibly the cutest thing in anime. EVER.

Tamaki Suou

he's the king >.>

Tamaki is...an idiot. He's so clueless about his own feelings for Haruhi (in the manga they end up together, yaaay happy ending!), that he's channeled it into some weird fatherly thing. He refers to himself to "Daddy" and Haruhi is his "Daughter". He's got a heart of gold, always helping people in need. He's a good guy...he's just stupid.

Meet The Minor Characters

Renge Houshakuji

Renge usually shows up on a powerful motor thing and tries to fix things. She does a lot of cosplay (costume play for those who don't know)

Umehito Nekozawa and his cat puppet Belzeneff

mwa hahahahahaha...haha...>.>...ha

Umehito has photophobia, which means he's afraid of the light. He spends most of his type coming out of random doors and scaring people. Tamaki swears he cursed him after accidentally stepping on Belzeneff.

Ranka Fujioka

don't be fool guys...dude looks like a lady

Ranka is Haruhi's dad. He's a tranny and no one seems to have a problem with this including his wife. He and Tamaki are very similar, but Tamaki is and idiot and Ranka is not. Ranka provides some decent transexual entertainment.

Random Pictures for Your Enjoyment