Fruit Snacks

Processed snacks in a small package. Doesn't often include fruit.

That is some of your beeswax

What they don't tell you is it's 30% non-organic

Just The Facts

  1. Fruit snacks are ussually "fruit" flavored, meaning they are made of corn syrup
  2. There are exceptions, such as freeze dried fruits.
  3. Sometimes called fruit leather... YUM!


A precurser to the fruit snack, the gummy bear was created in Germany in 1920's. And we all know the thing America is best at is taken things from other countries and subtley changing them. General Mill's claims they started work on the Fruit Roll up in 1975. Most believe them. However, the first "fruit" gummys, the most well known kind, were not created until the 80's, when a group of scientist hoped to move towards a plant-free world. Obviously, they failed. But, their invention became a very popular product. This is similiar to when Thomas Welch developed grape fruit juice. He meant for churches to use it in place of wine for communion. He also failed in this quest; but he was able to sell it in the secular world.

Should you eat them

Well,it's better than Mcdonalds, but so is Taco Bell. Someone could argue that they are better than most other current snacks for kids, and they are. But that's not really accomplishing much. Freeze dried fruit snacks are very good for you on the other hand, and are a good alternative if your teeth aren't strong enough to bite through the skin of an apple.

On the other hand

They're fine every once in a while, and....OK.... fine, they're delicious. Just try to control yourself.