Stan Lee

Stan Lee created a host of enduring superheros all of whom fail to be more awesome than Batman.

Stan Lee has always been this old.

That guy on the left made Batman, who gives a shit about who the other guy is.

Just The Facts

  1. Stan Lee's grasp of science is on par with a 3rd graders
  2. Stan Lee's greatest accomplishment is being famous for creating stories that no one has read but everyone loves.
  3. Stan Lee suffers from an aging condition that is born in a bizzaro world from the condition Dick Clark has.

A breif history of Stan Lee

Stan Lee was born at some point. Not long after that WW2 happened and stan Lee joined up or was drafted or something, it doesn't really matter. Stan Lee wrote a bunch of comics. Stan Lee became irrelivant. Stan Lee hasn't died yet.

San Lee single handedly evolved the medium of comic books by filling them with mundane bullshit. Before Stan began writing comics their limited appeal mostly hinged simply on the amount of bat-shit crazy that writers and artists could cram into each story. Stan Lee improved on this model by also having his bat-shit crazy characters deal with the same obnoxious problems the rest of us deal with inbetween or during their bat-shit crazy adventures. As this was the 60's and the use of psychedelics was sweeping United States many were having their own drug fuled bat-shit crazy adventures tied to the bullshit of reality and found his stories relatable on multiple levels.

The influence of Stan can be seen rippling through most comics as many have expanded on his ideas by reducing the bat-shit crazy, or fun, and increasing the munadne bullshit. Unfortunately there has been a trend lately away from Stan's revolutionary notions and back towards the primitave concept of enjoyment in superhero comics. Marvel has done it's best to reverse this trend with recent mega events like Civil War, and have done an admirable job of preserving the integrity of most of their line; but time will only tell if they will be able to save boring in comics.

Interestingly, Stan Lee chose not to completely break the mold by retaining the charm of his predecessors amateur writing ability. He has skillfully retained this quality despite a near lifetime of practice. It is possible he developed his "Marvel method" in order to facilitate this stylistic continuity (see: Marvel method). In this regard his legacy is still strongly intact at Marvel.

Since the 60's Stan Lee has really done nothing that anyone gives a shit about. If you think you might give a shit go to Wikipedia but to save most of you time and effort I'll just mention one of the many gems you'll get to read about: Stripperella. It stars Pamela Anderson and is precicely what the name implies: retarded.

The Marvel method of comics

Stan Lee is also noted for creating the "Marvel Method", a production system for creating comic books unique to Marvel. The reason it was unique to Marvel, and incidentally why Marvel has dropped it since Stan's departure, is that it makes no fucking sense. It entailed Stan inventing a bare bones synopsis then allowing the artist to do most of the work, doing everything (including expanding the plot from a doodle on a bar napkin) but writing dialog. This could ensure Stan would be able to do the least amount of work while allowing him to take the most credit for being the writer as every one knows artists are fucking sidekicks.
No one uses this method anymore, mostly because it's fucking stupid.