Tiger Blood

In a case of perceived innocent rambling turn truth. Actor/pimp daddy Charlie Sheen Recently revealed the supernatural effects of Tiger's Blood. an example of the effects of Tiger's Blood is an overwhelming feeling of winning.

and anti-aging effects

Just The Facts

  1. Tiger's Blood can only be found in 2 creatures on earth. Tiger's and Charlie Sheen.
  2. Tigron and Liger blood is considered by Tiger Blood users to be impure because of the presence of the weaker Lion's blood
  3. Tiger's Blood allowes for "banging out" of 7 Gram rocks of cocaine without death and sex with porn stars
  4. scientists and bioligists have found that overexposure to Tiger's Blood can lead to warlock transformation.

Harvesting Tiger's Blood for Sale and Personal Consumption

Before you go on your first hunt for the elusive tiger you must remember it's no stroll through a field of trolls stomping their faces in. before you start you will need to gather the proper apparall

Not Pictured: Guns & Boots From the Young Guns/Platoon Props and Wardrobe Dept.

once you have obtained a headband and a smug enough facial expression that will scare the ability to scream out of a hookers vocal chords,Other necessary equipment is the heart of a winner and a Bitchin' brain.

The Next step is the importance of realizing the difference between tigers and other beasts of the animal kingdom. When in the forest the locals can be of great assistance as trackers and guides so therefore you would not want to burn those bridges by hunting a cherished wild or domestic animal that is non-tiger.

R.I.P Nixon.. The best antelope herdin' dog the Jumbalakas's ever knew

Remember not all tigers are the same some live in antartica & come in white with black stripes.. There are also smaller one these are called kittens, or maybe cubs. Regardless their blood will do little more that provide a small fix.

Disclaimer:Attempts to collect Tiger's Blood may result in severe bruising and loss of ones own blood. Goddess participation optional. terms and conditions don't apply

Methods for Administering Tiger's Blood

while scientists have not yet figured out how to splice the proper tiger DNA into our genes that will result in natural production, they are most certainly working towards it. Until a breakthrough is discovered there are other Charlie Sheen approved & cost effective ways to enter Tigers Blood into ones system.

  • Ingestion: Simply kneel over your newly defeated tiger's body and suck through the freshest wound. After liberal amount is swallowed cock head back and scream into the sky boasting your victory of man over beast.

  • Ignition: Using the mouth piece to a brass musical instrument,Duct Tape, and a 2 liter Mountain Dew bottle to craft into bong. Dry Tiger's Blood til coagulation is noticeable (thick and sticky) and smear around bowl of bong. Light dried substance while inhaling through the lip of the bottle. for greater effects fill the resevoir for the water with more Tiger's Blood. if done correctly the smoke should have an orange tint.

  • insufflation: using above method of coagulation wait til completly dried and able to be crushed with the simple pressure of a suspended drivers liscense move into line and inhale through nothing less than a ten dollar bill.

  • Injection: Buy a simple syringe from local petstore fill with an 85% T'sB by 15% Alchohol solution and inject into neck.

Tiger's Blood & Extinction

While tigers are on the endangered species list there are ways to avoid this obstacle (on a moral level)

Go on missions to rescue earthquake victim's with Sean Penn to make up for the guilt, use the excuse that tranquilizer guns are expensive making them a luxury to most, get millions to support your Tiger's Blood lobbying on twitter, The classic self defense excuse. and of course, be fucked up while on your safari.