JFK Conspiracy

JFK is one of the most beloved US presidents of all time and he got his head blowed the fuck up and now everybody has a different theory of what happened.

Just The Facts

  1. JFK loved the Ladies
  2. JFK hated the Commies
  3. JFK was basically the best president of all time, he boned Marilyn Monroe and probably did other good presidential things

Cracked on the JFK Conspiracy

JFK conspiracies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from LBJ did it, to aliens, to he faked it and is living in Mexico, to JFK didn't really exist.

There's even one that a single gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK with only 3 shots, and that Oswald was a disturbed man, whose radical political views and depression led him to shoot the President, but that is absurd, and we will no longer discuss it.