Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor was the drummer for Queen. If you don't know who Queen is, go hang your head in shame and listen to Bohemian Rhapsody until you die.

I had sex with a groupie during the guitar solo, SCORE!

Fun Fact: This picture has a fandom all to itself. Look up 'Rogerina' on deviantart some day.

I just bonked your girlfriend.

Just The Facts

  1. Roger Meddows-Taylor was born July 26 1949.
  2. He is the most underrated drummer ever.
  3. His interests include fast cars, alcohol, and girls.
  4. Few people obtain rock -stardom while being a walking stereotype.

Early Years

From the young age of seven, Roger showed an interest in music. He played the ukulele in the band 'The Bubblingover Boys.' He has said himself he didn't really know how to play the ukulele, so it's safe to assume that his drive was mostly on the groupies. Eight years later he would join a band called 'The Reaction.' Further down the road, he would move to London to study dentistry (rock on, Roger!). It is here he would meet Tim Staffel and Brian May (future guitar player for Queen) and they formed the band Smile. Success floated under their noses it seemed, with Freddie Mercury sharing a flat with them. Finally, Tim Staffel left the band, allowing Freddie to take his rightful place. John Deacon would join later, as bass player, and Queen would be complete.

Rock Star Life

It seemed only appropriate as a drummer, that Roger would want to be like Keith Moon. However, he modified Keith's approach at rock star behavior from, "Blow shit up, do drugs, drink," to "Drink, do groupies, drive into shit." He practiced his motto by cheating on his wife with strippers, and cheating on his stripper whom he used to cheat with.

All in a days work.

And I bet you thought Freddie was the promiscuous one.

Queen and The Cross

In between <a href="" rel="nofollow" >offstage blowjobs</a> Roger stilled manaed to write many great songs for Queen, such as I'm In Love With My Car, and Radio Gaga.

At least he's consistent.

In the 80's Roger started working on his side project, 'The Cross.' With songs like 'Penetration Guru,' we have to pause and realize that Freddie Mercury's leotards were SUBTLE.

Jeesh Fred, loosen up. You look like a nun.